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Spring fairs are coming in!

If you have been regularly Xbox for several years, you should be aware that we are getting closer to one of the events that have to be seen in the year: Spring Sale! These discounts available for spring are generally broad, with more than 500 titles receiving an increase from an increase to 85%, both on Xbox One titles on Xbox 360.

If you are planning to buy a game, we can only advise you to delay, as in the middle of the probability we do this activity. Usually arranged by a video player to give a small view, this selling time should be nearby:

  • 2016: 20th March to 28th
  • 2017: 11 April to 17
  • 2018: 3 April to 10

In general bids have also been offered for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions.

With the variety of data coming from Xbox Live, it looks as if the official work will begin on Thursday night to Friday. Indeed, as every year, we will reply to provide as much information as possible.

We know that, for example, Gears of War 4, Rider of the Tomb Raider, MIL ALUMINUM 5, 7 Tale Super Lucky or Tycoon Zoo: collecting endless animals as part of the elevations.

Keep in touch.

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