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Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless: the best headset for gamekeepers

The Arctis Pro Wireless is a wireless window fitted with Steelseries, PC and PS4 suitable. After 2 weeks of use, we will be honest at the time, if your method is: Arctis Pro Wireless is the best helmet for players. Please note that it is compatible with mobile devices, as it performs Bluetooth functions, but I did not take the time to try my phone / tablet. To be honest, it is even possible to pick up the phone during your play session. Believe.

To get to the heart of the matter, Arctis Pro Wireless is very comfortable despite its 340g, due to the double bow system and the elastic band (excited ski masks) that allow change. This is not new, as we will get the same system in the final helmets of the brand. The main benefit is that it easily converts most myths with comfort, but also, again, there are huge advances to go. In fact, the sound of the strap is very limited. I will give you the rest of the technical information you visit on the Steelseries website.

Hearing side … the good wonder.

On connections, the headset comes with a lot of cables according to your needs. If you are a PC player, as well as the basic station power cable, the rest is significantly redundant. Along the headset themselves, a few different planes can be made by airplane: a mass using a hut, a fertilizer on the microphone (a red LED appears if you are muffled or not) or just Turn on and off the animal.

In terms of noise quality, I do not have the materials or skills to make a balanced measurement of this parameter. I refer to you excellently Rtings website. And, surprisingly, Arctis Pro Wireless won a score of 8.5 / 10, including 8.4 audio. In fact, it is in the top 5 helmets of this scene and sold as a simple helmet for players. To be sure, I went to see e-t172, our audio expert on NoFrag, and that's what he thinks:

"My assessment is based on my interpretation of the measures Rtings. Remember that, if you want their exams, you can give Rtings as well, they are good people."

The most important thing is for identifying the quality of headset audio in response to its frequency. And at this stage, the performance of Arctis Pro Wireless SteelSeries is terrible. It has the potential to offer an enhanced response than market stars such as the Bose QC35 or Sony WH-1000XM2! This is a very pleasant phenomenon for "Gamer". He's only the same boy, compared with earphones which are so high, that he's not good if it's not blown well against the ear (for example if you have glasses). That's because there is no active, sound-only cover, which is inclusive, which is inclusive of, and closed in, a closed.

Elsewhere the Plantronics RIG 800LX, which provides a relatively high quality equivalent, is poor for eyeglass weavers, and for twice as cheaper, but seems to suffer with a problem of Putting a lot in the hollow. "

Chan. As well as just a headset playing, the Arctis Pro Wireless can be better in other areas too.

Miniature side

It is enough to be understood in VOIP, or for some flow sessions. The microphone is retracted and will come with a wind shield to reduce pig breath. Instead of words, a small registration allows you to achieve the status:

The baking … it's easy to be.

The headphones imported 2 batteries are guaranteed to give a 10-hour life each of which is true, according to my measurements (without Bluetooth). Sorry that the supporters have to go to work, to be as independent as the headset does that RGB does not light. However, this model includes a kind of basic station which, in addition to serving as a dongle, a display screen to provide you with a different information that is different and variable: battery level, volume and even a discord of information (if you are rough, talking …). If you take the time to settle it, it is very good. There is also a place to collect taxes, so you don't run out of juice.

The station can also change many parameters, certainly useful on a PC as it is easier to navigate through the super-Steelseries software. The only feature I have used is several times in the "Chatmix", which allows you to change the network balance between game and VOIP (Discord, Teamspeak …). Do your colleagues speak too little or weak? You can just choose to boost the size of your game or stimulate your communication software.


I could still tell you about its completion, quality, comfort, or the range of features the station is up to and the software, but I'll give you too long to read. Essentially, the range of helmets for players makes it better to improve. The Arctis Pro Wireless refers to and gets the hands down the lot in the area he is playing. Particularly with the remarkable sound features, it competes with other headsets in a non-player area. Obviously its main problem is the proposed price (349.99 €), which could reduce the number of low budget players, but if you have media coverage, go to it.

> Available on Amazon at +/- 300 € per day.

Is in:

  • The audio quality of Headphone is particularly high in this area.
  • The two batteries that can be removed are linked to a true wireless.
  • Foundation features.
  • SteelSeries software.
  • Ability.

The least:

  • Its high price.
  • Not suitable for large ones.

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