Stéphane Plaza reports nice to Karine Le Marchand!

Stéphane Plaza is very close to Karine Le Marchand. And he gave talks about him on RTL!

Stéphane Plaza has made some amazing moments about his relationship with Karine Le Marchand. The two animations are extremely bilingual in life and have been over the years as important friends. When Air Remake TV was interviewed on RTL, he made an amazing performance! MCE will tell you more.

In fact Stéphane Plaza seems to get on with everyone, as the guest is still laughing and crawling in each setting. But with years he has developed strong relationships for Karine Le Marchand. There are both animators on M6, they are now dissatisfied. He interviewed RTL after this week's interview at Télé Loisirs and at Touche pas à mon poste.
Jade and Eric Dussart from On the television remake who applied to invite the famous estate agent have arrived in April 13 and 14 on RTL. As Stéphane Plaza launched a new exhibition in just some time on M6 and he was asked what he could remove from this chain. And then he utterly told him very well, Karine Le Marchand.

Stéphane Plaza ready to follow Karine Le Marchand

“I'll be frightened, but I'm going to have it: if my brother Le Marchand was badly injured. […] Will I stay? Or I make the decision to marry and I am with the background, in boxes, or so I agree to a contract to leave. "I usually say I won't move, but I think we will make this connection with Karine Le Marchand …", giving humor to the animator.

He also noted that Karine Le Marchand had signed it with M6 to 2020. “We have the same contract. We stick to 2020. We have time … " , he said. but "The big changes are gearing up well beforehand" the also mentioned the football world.

So maybe Stéphane Plaza has got some other suggestions. "I got suggestions from other media and I don't move"he came to a decision.