Tesla will open an Amazon store for selling iPhone issues

If Tesla's electronic sedans are too expensive for your budget, do not worry, it's still capable of attracting the maker's design baubles. It's even easier since the Elon Musk company opened its own Amazon store! In fact, this shop is only available in the United States …

It's tough because there are two cases for iPhone 8/8 Plus and X that are very good. Especially in Folio, sold for $ 45, the back of the phone screen protection is long while & # 39; It carries cards of all kinds. Tesla also sells a silicone-visible case (the wise manufacturer is detailed), priced at $ 35.

The Amazon Tesla also stores a Model S, X and M, and M 1: 18 ($ 250 each).

Update – Oops! Tesla does not offer a curved on her & # 39; your Amazon store, everything else is not available.

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