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The Assembly votes "Gates Tax" to get the giants of the net to silver

Minister for Economy Bruno Le Maire during the National Assembly, November 14, 2018. t NICOLAS MESSYASZ / SIPA

It will be necessary – moderately – to reverse the balance sheet. The National Assembly voted on Monday night to read the tax on the global digital giants, which should make France one of the richest people in this region. Substitutes refused to vote 55 with 4 votes and 5 to vote on the bill introduced by the Minister for Economy Bruno Le Maire to establish "Gafam tax (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft)" French people. , which causes Washington's misery. However, they did not complete the whole of the bill's scrutiny, stopping their work on the night before the vote on article 2, which will affect down route for corporate tax for 2019.

"This is not lonely, but it's not long," said the minister, welcoming that France is "opening a path" and saying "certainly many countries will follow." The principle of introducing such a tax was due to a similar consensus, even though opposition representatives have created flats for a "symbolic" or "supply" supply. basic "Franco-French.

Elected representatives on the left have tried to expand the tax space, eliminating "peasants" (LFI) performance and not restoring "fiscal justice" (PCF). On the right, some have been worried that the charge is carrying "a coup" club to French digital companies or that it is "carried over to the end of the row" on the person rejected by the Minister. t

€ 400 million in 2019

The taxes must be about digital activity which “creates appreciation of the value to French users”. The project is aimed at companies who are converting around 750 million euros across the world and more than 25 million euro in France. The idea is for 3% of income to be generated in France for online-targeted advertising, sales of data for advertising purposes and for connecting Internet users with platforms.

This should apply to around thirty organizations, such as Meetic, Amazon, Airbnb, Instagram or the French Criteo, and will bring in 400 million euros in 2019, then 650 million 2020-2022. On Sunday, the opposition faculty, Attac, had judged this device enough, measuring that 64% of Gafam's value – especially those in Microsoft and Apple – would bring about this. most of the income they receive from the Web – out of the tax.

Members did not change the matter at the meeting. They took similar changes, especially "hangers" to "define the base" when "some taxpayers, in addition to the tax service, will provide benefit benefits". Members still had to vote on clause 2 of the bill, which will affect the member down from corporation tax for 2019, before it voted on the bill as a whole. T It will continue to serve as an official in the Assembly.

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