The Assembly will deal with the 2019 budget, a fuel tax in a fire line

Paris – The Synod started with a right majority today Thursday, against the backdrop of the "yellow jackets" movement, and its first reading of the 2019 draft draft, which was intended to be a board proof of concerns about how to buying power and the "open-to-bolt".

"We cost less and better, we will reduce the debts, but also French taxes – we can see what it is, At present, there are fees and that's enough!", Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, told himself the arguments.

"Bravo!"Montgolfier Albéric (the Republican) budget general communist, and another LR president, Philippe Dallier said"Chick!".

"We make simple and strong economic choices in the & # 39; financial bill"said Mr Mayor."We want everyone who works, especially those with low salaries, have the opportunity to see just at the end of the month that they are earning more in hard money.".

The minister also said that "a public finance reconstruction course will be held"as well as"grow a regeneration course".

"The fact is that we have been the first largest in the last 10 years to be below the public deprivation rate of 3%","it is the truth that we have reduced our clandestine tax in our country, this is first time in 10 years", he was sad.

But for the general reporter, "Unfortunately, this budget is exempt from: compulsory taxes that are still very high, without major reform, without tax changes – but measures that do not exist; serving, at the best, only to return".

"Few structural steps, but old strings, planes or budget guns", he chronicled again.

– "exasperation"-

In terms of fuel tax, which is a? Most times want to frost, "it is a scam", said, just 7.2 billion of the 37.7 billion euros in the expected income in 2019 is given to the ecological change.

For Vincent Delahaye (centrist), this tax increase "both tricks"-"In fact, it is a budget performance tax"- and"punishment","many of our fellow citizens have no other choice".

"There is no concern to anyone with this false attraction; Millions of French, yellow or noisy meanings are inaccurate"he said.

In terms of criticism, the left is not left. "The power of buying a number of households, in particular its retirement and rural position, will be completely cut next year"said the Chairman of the Finance Committee Vincent Eblé (PS).

"It is not necessary to look further ahead for the reasons we see on our roads and our road-to-day routines"he said.

"An exasperation (…) is this feeling that looks today and who is here; Feeling a large number of our peers and fellow citizens"For it, Eric Bocquet (ECRC, a majority communist) said." His group challenged to move unsuccessfully to refuse the draft budget from the beginning.

For the RDSE (with a radical majority), Jean-Marc Gabouty was tight. The textEncouraging a number of criteria, but also some of the reasons, issues and concerns", he said, announcing a fuel tax.

"The activity needs to increase its efforts to reduce public costs and mandatory properties"he said.

The Assembly Senate voted on the first part of the financial bill (fees and duties) before considering its & # 39; part of expenditure. The total vote on the text will be held on December 11, with its budget to be taken into account by the end of December.

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