The Bruce appears so fragile & # 39; of the French economy

The European Commission destroyed the economic situation of France Wednesday, subject "Weaknesses" due to its public debt "High" and on his "competitiveness "." France has opportunities ", European activity presents a focus on a report on the economic and social growth of the EU countries. This document should be debated, which is a document; gives a real radiography of the state of economic and social health of each country of membership, in the European Council.

Debt debt

"There are dangerous problems coming from the high level of public debt and low competitive drama in the context of small productivity growth", to add to the commissioners. Her Brussels is & # 39; indicate that these debts (98.5% of GDP, according to their latest preliminary) "It should be a little downturn", yesterday "to deal with the fiscal range available to deal with the future effects and pressures better".

France's public deprivation is expected to reach 3.2% in 2019 – beyond the 3% renowned threshold set by European regulations – but often in the eyes of Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Pierre Moscovici, which should allow a country to discover this year from a European method.

This deficit is indeed linked to the change to lower costs of the CICE (tax credit for competitiveness and employment) and the measures implemented due to the crisis in "golden actors". It is only on 29 May, following the European elections, that the Commission will formally evaluate France's budget for the current year. The Commission was protesting for France who was in a position; Growing 1.3% in 2019, a large number of reviews were reviewed compared to previous depression (1.6%).

despite it "progress" in recent years "labor markets", "taxes" and "business environment", influence of French reforms "has not yet been implemented," she continues, wants "additional activities" to reform "earnings benefits", the pension system and public finance.

Italy is a prominent European Commission

In addition to France, the European institution also emphasized the Wednesday joint in power in Italy to clean up the country's public finances and expressed its desire "Essential" such a measure due "economic eyes that grow dark". Italy "steps must be taken to improve the quality of its public finances", European Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Pierre Moscovici, said during the exhibition in Brussels about a report on economic and social developments in EU countries.

The French commissioner also named Rome "enhancing public administration and justice efficiency, business environment development and strengthening its labor market and financial system". "That crisis makes it bigger as the dark darkness of Italy is dark", he said.

Mr Moscovici has recorded the challenges faced by Italy: "high public debt, low productivity growth, as a result of slow retardation, high structural unemployment and still lower levels of poor loans in the banking department".

Italy has dropped in

Italy affected the economic impact of Europe and global trade tensions, has declined in late 2018, which will further prevent the government's fiscal equation. The peninsula, whose main home output (GDP) fell 0.2% in the fourth quarter, after -0.1% in its & # 39; quarter, the only country in the euro area in this situation.

To address this removal, the Italian government, created by the League (far south) and the 5-star move (system), believes it needs to expand the budget and so it was heard from a review of law; budget resulting in a deficit of 2.4% of GDP in 2019, and estimates a growth of 1%.

Hazards for the deficit

Foreword is considered to be too optimistic with international experts and centers. However, if there is less growth, the deficiency may be larger and will create a new war with the European Commission, after those at the end of 2018, which culminated in co- resolved.

The Central Bank of Italy and International Financial Assets (IMF) expect that the Italian GDP will grow by 0.6% in 2019 and that its Brussels rises to 0.2%. "A European Commission will remain healthy and follow closely with the development of Italy's situation", Valdis Dombrovskis praised the vice president of the institute.

From the spring "We will evaluate the political measures and commitments made to correct the macro-economical imbalances, particularly the level of ambition of its national reform program", he said. Bruce needs to publish its recommendations on the membership policies and budgets of the member states on May 29, that is to say after European elections, decide not to hinder the last days of the campaign with a controversial subject This is notably in Italy, but also in France.

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