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The Duke imports the door, Michigan State and Auburn at the Final Four

Zion Williamson will not live on his fourth birthday. The Duke and his wealth were sent away by Sunday State with Michigan State, which will connect with Auburn, Texas Tech and Virginia.

We know about the Final of the NCAA Competition 2019. And the less we can say that it isn't just according to the expectations. The composer has not had any of the fortifications that have passed the course. Game has only 1 # 1 seeds Virginiaand he must fight Auburn (# 5)who destroyed him Kentucky (# 2) in amalgamation (77-71) Sunday. Alabama College was responsible for it Jared Harper (26 points), the author of the conservator's basket to win the extra time and several essential baskets, and they will take part in the first verse of their history. On the other hand, we had to find out about his Duke and his wonder Zion Williamson. Missing.

As in previous days, the Blue Devils were mad, but this time too, to pluck their ticket. Tom Izzo, who lost 12 of his 13 meetings with Mike Krzyzewski in the NCAA Competition, discovered the formula. Cassius Winston (20 points, 10 help) formed the basis of the resulting success and management. RJ Barrett The youngsters were unable to lose the first game 5 seconds from the head and this allowed the Spartan to stay ahead of it.

There may be a break in Dukies because it hasn't given Zion Williamson long food in the game. Until then, the most likely number in 2019 had been more important (24 points, 14 rebounds, 3 blocks and 3 cross-cutting), but MSU found a way to remove these actions.

Michigan State (# 2) has to pass the Texas Tech hurdle (# 3) to get the first national title in 19 years.

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