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the Elysee should have a "much stronger response", "Vincent Crase told RTL

He is the second person in Benalla. Vincent Crase Happening, Wednesday, 3 April, a book of the greatest mystery, entitled Guilty (Plon Editions). Friend of Alexandre Benalla, second of the Add de la Contrescarpeat the time the Elysee keeper and responsibility for overseeing the Republic's headquarters in March, … t RTL afternoonafter nine months of silence.

They will all start on 1st May 2018. The World It shows that a man who was filmed in the process of being struck by a young person is very badly affected by a young woman in Paris, during the May Day exhibitions, a “close adviser to the President of the Republic”. . Since then, there has been a burdensome file that has been a state issue.

Vincent Crase was broadcast on 22 July 2018 as part of the inquiry into May Day. For this case, "recognize that he was honest at this time. He immediately advised that he was just saying what I did, could be dangerous for the image of the boss, Elysee and the Party in March, &. 39; Vincent crushes said.

The role of the communicators of Elysee?

According to the former party party president, the "position" was ruled by the contacts of the Elysee. Of course, we might think that if there had been a much stronger response, that more attention would be given to today, that we'd be talking more about".

It wasn't until Emmanuel Macron getting that front line

And to add it: "I would not let myself criticize the decision or the decision (Emmanuel Macron ed), Vincent Crase said. I am of the opinion that he was not responsible for that. It was not up to it to get on that front line. There are people who are paid for it, for communication. It is not the president who needs to blame but his communicators.

Was the right decision for Alexandre Benalla and Vincent Crase to be played? “Yes and no,” said the former employee of La Republique En Marche. “Yes, that would be the right communication strategy, and then, in comparison to the acts themselves, they are not very serious. there is no complaint, no one has died. Complaints will be very long in the month of July, after demonstrations the world".

The editor is praising you

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