Wednesday , February 26 2020
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The largest Nutella factory in the world is going on!

Shortage of Nutella? We are not there yet, but the largest Nutella production center in the world was closed since night. This plant, which produces a quarter of world representation, was closed by Ferrero due to bad crime.

We like that we enjoy it or not; Like them, Nutella describes many gourmands. Nutella's taste is unique and Ferrero can not pay for the sale of a product that is not 100% quality. Since last night, the Villers-Ecalles factory in Normandy was stopped by Ferrero. As a patient, the Italian giant prefers to go to; closing his / her plant after going to & # 39; Seeing quality assurance on some of his pots. Villers-Ecalles is the largest producer of Nutella in the world. Every day 600,000 pots are made.

After being aware of the quality assurance of one of the semi-finished materials that enter the Nutella and Kinder Bueno writing, They prefer to stop the plant. Surveys are currently underway to find out what the reason is for; the problem and send the production line as soon as & # 39; as possible. The Ferrero Group, which is nevertheless encouraging, and ensures that this quality content is not; affecting existing products on market.

"Now, we can say that the situation has no impact on any current market output and that the customer's supply continues without breaking. "

They say that there could be a solution by the end of the week. At this time there is plenty of stock, the different centers should not experience any emergency. If you are Nutella fans, find out what's the best things you know about the famous divide.

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