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the re-move of "Resident Evil 2", a fantastic recurring classic adventure

Pixel Test. Twenty years after releasing one of the best "Resident Evil" games, Capcom is a very successful remake of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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Time to Play 6 mins.

"This game has a reserved feature." This innocent message, which appears at the launch of just about all the videos of the video, expresses a real sense of culture when we begin to play, first part of the remake of Evil Resident 2, stopped on January 25 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. For those who first played when it was released in 1998, it was necessary to save its game, in the inkboard inkboard inkboard. The rare and valuable resource of the game was very small, even stinginess (and that was, at the time, an incredible pleasure for audiences with not many recognized fault devices).

In the revival that was released this week, failure is not needed, but at the highest level of difficulty. If you still need to find a typewriter for saving, the game still has a # 39; Free a game before specific moments come. This is one of these rare gifts Evil Resident 2 2019. As the first is, all the resources are counted: the military is so valuable that the move, in all situations where possible, is the best option. The game will restrain everything: the number of things that can be carried, weapons, weapons, things … Pay the revival Even the pleasure to be & # 39; do the same as your original match left with the size of the knife that was the only way it was; when you were back against the wall, you were covered with a unit in the passageway.

The short concern he has received is the welcome to the players who launch this draft 2019 for their & # 39; first time so no reason. Evil Resident 2 it has not changed into a "too easy" game and done correctly. This is the opposite thing: this remake is very good preserving everything that has been done; In her first strength, her permanent tension, to & # 39; felt he was always vulnerable, and suggested to get rid of elements that were particularly damaging. age. Leave, timelessness at the opening of each door; blessings, old graphics and high vision.

Reason for danger

The game was given to the new engine Resident resident, accepting the & # 39; Third-party opinion as usual from the fourth program. The main police station is not in Raccoon City, where there is a & # 39; Most of the game, has been so beautiful and awful. In some ways, Capcom preserved the elements that were unique to the old way Resident resident : Leon and Claire are not as easy to use Evil Residential 4, harder, making even basic zombies very dangerous – like in & # 39; first one.

"Remake Resident Evil 2". Capcom

This modern design illustrates what we have always known: the work it is done is completely done Evil Resident 2 One of the series legendaries of the series. In fact, you have to go back and out, and some puzzles and strategies are at a small age. But every corner of a police station is & # 39; appearing with details and objects, and the connections are naturally linked, well-supported by a readable map, so that each key or something else can always be provided with a small outlet of adrenaline. Just as those independent dogs came suddenly or no lickersThe amazing monsters that were forgotten at the corner of the corridor.

However, Evil Resident 2 it is not just the responsibility let go frightened for fear. In contrast. in Evil Resident 2It is rarely fearing to be scared to look very big pedestrian. It's a feeling of all the times, in the badly burned and underground corridors, where a man is going to be a bit. hear, before you see it, the monster you observe, and you move on with a wolf's degree, and # 39; look at one eye how much of the shooting left in your release magazine. You know already already: enough is not enough.

Pencil review

We like:

  • A satirical reconstruction that respects the origin and eliminates the problems of your age.
  • Always so sad.

We want to be smaller:

  • Both campaigns (Claire and Leon) are still very useful.
  • Increasing the weak conditions.
  • He can not now hit the zombies on the ground.

It is bigger for you if:

  • You loved the first one but I do not remember; too much.
  • You enjoy a lot of games where the atmosphere is & # 39; triggering guns
  • You want to understand why your grandfathers talk to you about this game with tears of eyes.

It's not for you if:

  • You want to kill a zombie to the chain.
  • You are friends
  • You hate in these the principles of young people, there, like 3D and non-endless support. It was a lot better than before.

The Pixels Rating:

6 items / 8 bags.

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