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The SEED has gone

The commander, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, confirms that the legal legal age that it falls far beyond 62 years is against the high commissioner above the reform.

Was Jean-Paul Delevoye the French? For Mey, the answer is. The head of the employer's organization, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, believes that the chief commissioner who is in charge of pension reform "is lying by mistake". Jean-Paul Delevoye still states that “the commitments given to the social partners last October maintained the ability to release 62 years of the system as a whole. T "However," telling the French that we can continue with legal age to 62 years against the general sense of demographics, "said this Geoffroy Roux Bezieux morning, on Cnews.

The chief of the leaders thinks we can work older and in good form ". So, we can't say to the French, we can continue working and saying, it's all right, easy, can to retire at 62. It is not true According to the information, today there are only two choices: "lower pensions" or "movement of the legal age". “This is what you have to delay in your retirement age, so the French know that,” he says. "Do not lie."


Medef's position is supported by the OECD, which reports in a published study Tuesday to France to move to a gradual rise in the effective retirement age to 64 by 2025. What does it mean? energy confusion over this explosion issue. A few members of the government have thrown stone into the firth in the days that said the board had retired from its legal retirement age, before it returned. But everyone agrees that the French need more work to fund trust and old age, making a final decision to the President of the Republic.

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Emmanuel Macron promised during his campaign that he would not notify the legal legal age. This promise is to progress regularly by Jean-Paul Delevoye. It has been more than a year since he explained to unions and employers that he is discussing this reform of the scheme which is taking over the 42 old schemes. Today, Minister for the Town and Housing Julien Denormandie tried to keep the debate up by saying on Radio Classique “The mission that Jean-Paul Delevoye hasn't sent to her is t relating to retirement "The lectures will come to an end in May, with the Chief Executive standing for delivery of his proposals in June.

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