The SFR submits an offer at a discounted price each time the other operator proposes a good plan t

SFR now formalises what we have already seen for a while: every time a competitor (free, Bouygues Telecom or even Orange via Sosh) offers an promotional offer, the red angle operator re-adjusting immediately with a good plan for reporting.


Altice held a press conference on this Thursday, 11 April, 2019. The group have in particular returned to a good SFR presence, which won some customers on the fixed web like a mobile in 2018. But as we told you. In recent months, the operator had to make sacrifices, especially by lowering the price of the pack and participating in elevations, including Free and Bouygues Telecom. As a result, SFR income has fallen in 2018 and all other fires are green.

SFR is synced with Free and Bouygues Telecom promotions

Strategy adopted. "As soon as the price expires, we synchronize"explained Alain Weill, Chief Executive of Altice France, in the comments made by Le Parisien. A change that was obvious at Bouygues Telecom: currently just a few hours after the operator described a "good plan", it is affected by a competition. Altic will only do an officer of the setting. In addition, we currently have a red incentive with an SFR at 10 euros per month for the 30 GB pack (no commitment, a fixed rate not arising after 10 months, a 10M card on a SIM card is being requested). .

In addition, the event allowed Patrick Drahi to report that 4G + at 1Gb / s at SFR arrived in 10 cities by the end of 2019. In fact, journalists present on this page are in attendance. to find out more about it. the Altice-SFR vs. Free dispute over BFM and RMC rights over Freebox. "We cannot comply with the diktat of Free, it could interrogate the treaties named Bouygues and Canal" tsaid Alain Weill. Discussions on the battlefield, with an ISP jail refuse to stop even a hundred more. Altice has adopted the CSA to try to resolve the issue.

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