The US grew to 2.9% in 2018

We need to go back to 2005 to get a higher level.

For last quarter only, the increase in Domestic Produce Product rose by 2.6% per annum, according to its # 39; The first estimate of the Ministry. This is more than an average measure of critics (2.3%), but this represents a large slowdown compared to the third quarter (3.4%) and the second quarter (4.2%).

The government was "shutdown", which closed administrative services from December 22 to January 25 due to the suspension of the funding of its wall that Donald Trump wants to build on his / her; border with Mexico, has limited adverse impact.

The department estimates that cuts in services are provided by public servants; cost the tenth of a percentage point of growth in the last quarter. It also notes that California fires have influenced its & # 39; activity, but they can not & # 39; measure the impact.

The number for the last quarter of 2018, which is released last month (due to the "shutdown") length & # 39; The first quarter of 2019 is very advanced, and # 39; shows slowdown in growth, growth locomotives.

US spending rises 2.8% from 3.5% three months earlier, still strong.

Amongst the great wonders, although the war is totally exchanged, exports dropped largely (-4.9%) between July and September, after penalties to be introduced between China and the United States, back from October to December (+ 1.6%).

In addition, there is an injection, which is a negative cause for GDP, which promotes progress to 2.7% from 9.3% in the third quarter.

Overall, foreign trade in the last quarter was still shy – 0.22 a & # 39; Marking growth – but much less than in the previous quarter, when the trading deficit spent almost two percentage points to expand. In December, China had begun to buy an American soybean again.

For the current year, its & # 39; Most economists are scared to trigger the weak global economy. The US Army Reserve certifies 2.3% growth in the United States this year, the IMF is a bit more optimistic at 2.5%.

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