The worrying back of Victoria's diseases

Scarlet fever, cough, disinfection … The data collected by the British public health system was not painted a novel by Charles Dickens, but the 21st century-treated disease in hospitals throughout a & # 39; Chaolais.

From 2010, reporting to BBC, hospital consultations for these three problems leaped to 52%. In detail, scarlet fever was 429 times for 2010-2011, against 1321 in 2017-2018. An increase of 208% of concern, which recognizes that one of the main causes was; The death of children has been in scarlet disease in the early twentieth century.

Despite the vaccines, the cough is also a coming back, with almost 60% of issues between 2010 and 2018. There is also an increase in the likelihood of poor self-confidence.

The new move is not. In 2016, a & # 39; Guardian the revival of these diseases such as scarlet fever, measles or fever; spend, especially because of increased anxiety with antibiotics and too few people with a vaccine.

Emergency health system

Some also see it as a political argument. Labor (Labor), in opposition to challenge, has been provoking this data to counter the revival of these diseases to the last decades of conservation governments (Conservatives).

"The truth is that there is a problem on our sick partner," said MP Labor Party, Jonathan Ashworth, in a statement. "This means that the poorest ones die younger," he said.

"There are many reasons, but we can not affect the cuts that are held in Scottish public health budgets, which have reduced the number of services that promote healthy lifestyle, pass tests, prevention and protection against diseases. ", in a statement issued by the BBC Helen Donovan, a public health officer at Nursing College.

For a number of years, the British health system has been in crisis. Last summer, Prime Minister Theresa May 20 billion bill promised to save her.

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