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There are too many women at the town hall of Sarcelles, the election was suspended

There are too many women in salaries at Sarcelles: the administrative court of Cergy-Pontoise, who blocked Thursday to select 14 constituents of the town team, Eight women count and therefore equality is not respected.

Challenging politicians took hold of the court, Despite non-compliance with the rules of equality issued by the local authority general code.

Due to … of a principle of equality

On 5 December, 2018, this city's City Council of Val-d 'Oise, a new seaman Oise, Patrick Haddad (PS), chose to resign his post, Annie Péronnet. He had also chosen 14 assistants to support him, eight women and six men, all on the same list.

But, remembering her & # 39; court, in towns with 1,000 or more residents, the principle of equality "to expose the requirement to show a list where each species is fairly represented, at its part most of one unit ".

So he finished the closing of the vote and invited the council to make a new election "within the fortnight".

"I'm thinking of how Marlene Schiappa (Secretary of State for Equality between Women and Men) believes that a LREM is chosen to bring justice and his / her; using the law on equality, which is intended to promote the presence of a woman in politics, to force a woman to retire her retirement ", historically Patrick Patrick Haddad.

The man (person) who finds his / her # 39; decision is definitely

The selected socialist also considers "ignominious" that the species of the seawater is not included when it is & # 39; counted. In December, "I replaced my former senior mistress, a woman, who put me a patron." The balance is at the home office, and # 39; mariner and vice deputy like that before. ", eight women and seven men.

"In this case, people do not seem to be wrong at me because he is still a person who was the manager of the place of a woman," a & # 39; put Patrick Haddad up.

The factor also has confirmed that he will comply with the law on 11 February at the next town council, where a male adviser may have; replaces one of the leading companies.

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