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Introducing a brain machine of people with Parkinson's disease, which allows a treatment of medicine, has improved the cells that the disease has. affecting, and thus protecting the route for future possible treatment.

An important research is funded by Parkinson's UK's aim to be able to; Treating people suffering from Parkinson's disease with a natural molecle made by the brain, Neurotropic factor caused by glia (usually not called the English summary GDNF). The researchers needed to verify whether this protein is a key part of a & # 39; ensure the survival of neurons that produce dopamine, and; bringing back the neurons that were damaged by illness.

However, the blood pressure is obstructive, which prevents a large number of molecules from being used; reaching the brain, enabling it to administer a medication.

They developed a machine that made up of four tubes, which put them into volunteer bumps. The device is capable of delivering its protein directly to the areas that are infected. striking with extreme accuracy, through a translucent "port" near its ear.

To ensure the safety of the medicine, only 6 patients had started a clinical trial. 35 were then admitted for a random test, and they were split into two groups, where they were gradually received from GDNF and elsewhere. Nine months later, the study was expanded for 40 weeks, with the difference that its placebo group has now & # 39; GDNF management. Finally, the 41 volunteers were held and they could complete the inspection.

The high level of compliance (99.1%) showed in patients that this method of breaking out was how difficult it was and is tolerant.

At the end of the 9 months, they saw the brain with a symptom out of their mailbox, and found in the & # 39; A group that has developed GDNF to 100% in the main area affected by the disease. While the placebo band was a & # 39; show that no success was back. These results are more than the appropriate outcomes that show that cure may be able to regenerate the damaged cells.

" The spatial and comparative level of development that can be seen in brain scans longer than anything seen in rescue exams is a favorable growth for Parkinson's healing. According to Dr. Alan L. Whone, Chief Inspector of Bristol University.

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By the end of the next nine months (when all GDNF patients), it was clear that both groups had progressed fairly or significantly in grades, compared to the beginning of the survey, but there was no significant difference to be found between them after their first and second part of the exams.

Their researchers have a need for a longer period of GDNF management to improve their performance, regardless of a previous neuran rehabilitation reform.

In addition, it may be a problem for the patient to have a positive start-up impact, a placebo impact in their patients.

" It is essential to keep searching to investigate further this treatment. GDNF continues to & # 39; improving the lives of people with Parkinson's disease "Dr Whone says.

Despite this, the increase of patients for this innovative treatment method, which could be done for a number of years, Given hope to scientists, who want to continue with clinical tests by changing factories, such as increasing the GDNF dosage.

" I believe this method is to be done; First neuro-repair treatment for people with Parkinson's disease, and of course it's really interesting He says Steven Steven's screwdriver and designer.

Source: Journal of Parkinson's disease

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