to risk Neymar? Sagnol and Dugarry opinion

Neymar suffers from expansion and is unsure that he is involved in the second European League cascade against Wednesday the next week (at 9pm only on RMC Sport), at his & # 39; Parc des Princes. Despite this, the Paris club, according to the latest trends, is ready to take risks by its striker. Even at 50-70% of his media, Neymar would appear to be a '# 39; against the Reds. The risk is high, the product is particularly uncertain.

"I think we should not play"

"At 60%, I think we should not play, Willy Sagnol said in the Dock Team, modern football has changed dramatically, I have been asked to answer Ten years ago, I have said At 70%, he can play in modern football, he's going so fast, there are so many races with high, intense, attack or defensive transition , there will be a player if he wants to take something physically, he must be almost 100% per game. "

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"It does not seem to be reasonable for me"

The only story with Christophe Dugarry. "Having a game so important, how strong it is, its team needs it to 100% 80-90, it can pass, but it does not make sense to me. It is a player that is in the duel, the conversation. "Over the numbers, many (13 visitors and 7 people are not supporting this season), the vision is a visual; emphasizing the sense of independence of the PSG in relation to Brazil. Neymar will appeal and & # 39; mourning for her love. It affects its & # 39; biggest movement.

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"The neymar is not easy to regenerate"

In this context, and because of its & # 39; his game, performance can not be as good. "His game will be in steering, fast support, and support for Sagnol. If it has a problem, it will be just visible. Mbappé is a bit Was this problem in the mountain? I would be more concerned because I think it's more important in the PSG game system, I think Neymar is easier to re "Because of the fact that Mbappé brings that depth, this instrument does not have other players."

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