Tobacco Price, Equal Pay, Cycle License: What Modifications to 1 March

Collecting tobacco prices, publishing a gender index index between women and women in companies, including a new motor license license … here are some changes that will come -Instatement to France's life on March 1.

Tobacco prices

The price of the booths will be increased by 50 to 60 cents on Friday, under the influence of the government's tax levy, which aims to pack 10 to 10 episodes by the end of 2020. The folder of 20 Marlboro Red rises to 8, 80 euros, Camel is € 8.50. Depending on the order, the 50 cents increase for most of the most sold-packed tobacco packaging in France. So, the price of its & # 39; Blondes Gauloises take 8.50 euros. Classic Classic Strike Blue rises to 8.20 euros Winfield red to 8.50 euros.

Women's announcement employs a equality register

The equivalent pay index will be completed on 1 March for companies with more than 1,000 employees. He will finally worry, in March 2020, all companies with more than 50 employees. The responsibility of the index is to measure equal pay differences between women and men in addition to distribution equal to increases and increase, and the increase of women; return from maternity leave. It will take a note-out of 100 and will have related steps and product responsibilities. Without progress within three years, companies with less than 75 points can achieve a financial penalty of up to 1% of the payment.

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The licensing license has changed

Also known as the BSR, AM, which belongs to 50cc cyclos and accessible squares from 14 years of age and unauthorized cars, changes slightly on 1 March. The most visible change, the training runs at 8 o'clock, the previous 7 hours before and then; spread over two half days. The pre-time includes a series of road risk awareness, for detailed students, at least one of the parents or legal representative. Students also have "drives a driver for two-wheel drive driver" suitable: helmet, mesh, jacket, trousers or obstacles, blocked shoes and high …

Simulated situation for eco-PTZ

The zero-eus-fish (eco-PTZ) phase, launched in 2009, can save money for home-saving energy saving by giving up to 30,000 euros at a rate zero. So far, to benefit from it, it was essential to commit to & # 39; At least two types of work are carried out in a range of six suitable rights (top roofs, outer wall cover, window and door restoration). windows overlooking the …). From 1 March, only one of these jobs will be enough.

The extended French visa

Launched in spring 2017, there is a French Tech visa, which makes it easier for people who start to start outside Europe through a "simple and accelerated" approach to occupancy consent , just by digital companies. Starting on Friday, any company that is recognized as innovative will be desirable.

Recording on the election lists to 31 March

To vote in the European elections on Sunday, 26 May 2019, a person must be registered on election lists. The process is possible until 31 March, after being too late. It is possible to register online (here) with letters by sending to the town hall in the & # 39; His home is a copy of his identity document, proof of address and completed application form. It is also possible for the same documents to go directly to their home hall.

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