Valve the next VR headset! HL3?!

Valve knows how to make a small conversation. Exposure to the GDC, leave the area open to Oculus and the Oculus Rift S and finally fight back with one image.

But why would it be riped, you say?

The simple context, Oculus includes VR earrings at the entry level, one basic explanation with some down compared to the current Oculus Rift.
But above everything, the change in the mechanics of IPD. The VR characteristic from not changing IPD, the farewells well fixing the lens to its own morphology.
This includes the inhospitable nature of a degree of sharpness, but also the use of pixels of the un-developed slab and above all, their potential for 30% of the t people to use the Oculus Rift S pleasantly. IPD users only have 61.5 to 65.5mm information.

By contrast, Valve Index allows IPD conversion of 58mm to 72mm, so covering almost everyone, except sharks and sharks.

The ones that see them are very good in PSVR and others lose their range by moving millimeters. Looking for a little unfortunate, it is impossible for them to find a sharp picture … This is due to a lack of mechanical IPD location. This problem is also connected to the next table VR Nintendo, the Gear VR / Oculus To, Windows MR apps (except Samsung Odyssey).

But where am I going? The picture of the Valve helmet is shown below, with an emphasis on the incorrect IPD situation.

So much for the context of this context.

Now, let us use the forecast for real information.

This helmet is not a surprise to the most knowledgeable about, because last year we had to make a few items / rumors. This is one of the deleted images:

Legend has it that at that time the helmet would have had a vision which was extended to 130 degrees. By contrast, the current helmets range between 100 and 110 degrees (but not Pimax 5K).

The estimates are currently running well with the same image we are facing, a simple example:

It is clear that the Knukles will be likely to participate in a wide range of VR developers.

To get a view of these regulators in advance, it's a small video demo:

But the big fat, it's here!

Valve was named in February 2017, over two years ago working on 3 VR games. I'll send you a piece of your article:

Gabe Newell proved that these three games would be simply experiments as "The Lab" but actually major exhibitions have been completely produced for real and who would pass on the opportunities the technology is providing. In addition, the famous engine games "Source Engine 2" as well as "Unity" developed by Valve were used for various major publisher titles.

The gameplay counts, with three games this promise to be truly given, t creating a very innovative approach to VR entertainment entertainment and thus bringing much wider audience to this technology. Getting out of the old screen / control system is a challenge for many of the Valve historic leaders.

Valve annonce travailler sur 3 véritables jeux en réalité virtuelle

Soon, the appointment in May will give him the rest … Follow what? Has the helmet been removed or displayed and its three special Falve games? confidentiality

And for those who have lost the video on the VR PC headphones that are coming until 2019 (Hors Valve Index), this is:

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