VIDEO – "The Voice 8": The lesson of Gage's love, which was the glory of the 2000s, expanded in the # 39; heart

ANSWER – He made France a & # 39; Dance with his cubes "Think of me" and "new too" before they reach a radar suddenly. He was a person who put the music forward for personal reasons, he came back stronger this Saturday with a show that blamed the four coaches. And we too.

His biggest case? "Allow anyone to go round." Gage knows the scene well, but he did not walk for seven years. Participating in "The Voice" is a & # 39; sounds like a revival, the second chance for those found by the French community by Corneille in the 2000s. If the face does not tell you anything, you must hear their songs "Imagine me" and "Too Fresh", which moved Quebecers from Haiti to the Francofone music scene. Tournée, disque d 'or or … Success continues to end this "horror" winter that hit its island in 2012.

"I was forced to come back, I had to return home, I tried to help my mother (…) So I stopped the music," he says possible She has been holding her tears when she spoke about "sacrifices". Dewar who comes back after playing Lionel Richie "All Night Long". Car Gage, 42, has overcame the fear of turning one person but the four coaches in their adventure.

Soprano is the first apple, just seconds after a blind test deepening. "I thought I heard that voice already!", He says before Jenifer, Julien Clerc and Mika come soon. "It's really great to see you there, someone who is so hearty, who has been singing for years … You have your tears, he is trying to confirm her & # 39 : whole course and all the power ", a & # 39; continue with the Marseillais, which passed over Gage Road in recent years.

Twice, Julien Clerc talks about "perfection" and his / her; emphasizing its physical and musical "emotion". Jenifer is doing in the play on words: "There is a gene of music and if it's not uncomfortable, it's not fun." Mika is the last one who has confirmed Canada to join his team. There should be a duet that we are already thinking about, a & # 39; laughter.

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