Warning to the Audit Court

The President of the Public would give the 10 billion euros of measures for the purchasing power of President's name; Public and the decline in growth threatened the deficit and debt to decline.

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This is probably the worst warning of the Accounts Court from the beginning of the order of Emmanuel Macron. In its annual public report, published on Wednesday, February 6, the high financial court says that, in terms of the budget of France, "Worried public financial situation" and "Having Difficulties" for 2019 and further afield.

Although the state leader in five years was placed under the control of good budget management, "The revival efforts made by France in the last few years seem to be running out of her & # 39;, said Wednesday morning Didier Migaud, the first president of the Court of Auditors, presented an exhibition of this document of over 1,000 pages, with hundreds of recommendations on public policy and state management. Exercise that will give special relief this year, and the huge national debate launched by the activity has chosen a place for public spending and tax issues. "In a fiscal framework that is restricted by the state of our accounts, our country must, therefore, expand and implement a system of modernizing its public services to make them more efficient and efficient", he still had to call Mr Migaud.

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The report is fully completed & # 39; and the 10 billion euros of buying power news, made in December by Emmanuel Macron, came to stop the # 39; case for public finances originally planned by government for 2019. They raised the deficit expected next year: it should reach 3.2% of domestic output (GDP), according to Bercy , compared to 2.8% first.

Conservation plan of 1.5 billion euros

For the Court of Auditors, where the rubbish is. "Only part of the measures that support the buying power of homes into the financial law [2019]. Respect for the republic [de déficit public] so he believes that the legal measures on economic and social security measures have been voted at the end of 2018, which increases the deficit of 3.7 billion euros, settled, " to emphasize the report.

In other words, the government has voted on pre-vision before considering the steps to achieve it. The increase in the CSG for pensioners was deducted up to 2,000 euros of tax income, the exemption from payment and tax dependency for premature, as well as a bonus of its company to be divided at the end of the year in an ad hoc bill. In terms of the increase in prices of activity, the final installment was included in the draft draft budget (PLF) law 2019.

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