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what is it and how should it be treated?

Polycystic ovary syndrome is called "dystrophy ovarian", which affects 1 in 10 women and still has very small exposure. More recently, Youtubeuse EnjoyPhoenix has included being affected by this disease. We take stock.

After endometriosis which is more likely to be familiar, today, it looks closely at polycystic polio syndrome (PCOS). Found in 1935 by Stein and Leventhal, this disease is rarely known and will affect many women.

So, what was an apple?

Female it has two directionsthey are words that allow oocytes to be made (the scientific term for talking about eggs). Every month, during a renewal period, women give birth to one.

First, the follicle is

Follicle with a egg shaped t This is the level before they reach their maturity. Once they have grown, the egg goes to the fallopian pipes in which it is enriched by sperm or forced, and in this case, their wife will have time. But scientists have found thatsome of the lies were not lonely and then gather in the ovens.

What are the marks?

There are many of them, but it is the first absenteeovulation. Also seen more hair on certain parts of the body and the year. Some women affected Polycystic ovarian syndrome May be overweight or obese. The level of lipid in the blood increases, the risks of cardio-cardiac disease are greater. In some patients, illnesses have been looked at.

What is the origin of this disease?

Like many women diseases, the origin of this is unknown and iNo handlingp. Doctors suspect a genetic case, or eating disorder or obesity. However, many issues have to be considered.

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Can we be pregnant with a child if we take polycystic allergic problem?

Yes, the PCOS " tis not a reason for infertility“, He explains that Endocrinologist Didier Dewailly has been conceived in Figaro. Good news for pregnant women: " tin fact, most women are pregnant with a child, they are introduced and stimulated.", Michel Pugeat, magazine endocrinologist, Marie Claire magazine, will affirm

Pixel syndrome treatment

Women must comply with PCOS. "When a pregnancy is desired, it will be recycled through progesterone. Then, when the patient is heavy, one is very aware of the metabolism because it is more likely to develop diabetes."Dr Pugeat says: To counteract the growth of hair and to bake the ovens, usually gynecologists usually donate. the second pill or anti-androgenic treatment.

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