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Wigs will now be better or even back again with the Safely

A woman with breast cancer is trying to get a wig in February 2009, Clamart in the Hauts-de-Seine. – LYDIE / SIPA

From Tuesday, the blood vessels will be for women with cancer
rest back or wholly returned to the Secu. A break over to societies that believe that these women are not "luxury" or "co-clothing".

Every year, around 50,000 patients use hair prostheses: women in over nine out of ten cases, sometimes for prices, are significantly above the pack of 125 euro that previous Health Insurance had. .

End of "social injustice"?

In April, the swims of swims in that room are paid back for 350 euros, at a price. What offers a "no extra cost" and "quality" offer, "a major step forward" for the Ministry of Health.

For class 2 profiles (at least 30% natural spread), the repayment will reach 250 euro for the levels limited by 700 euros. It's a good thing to be like "social injustice", which Elise believes is. Found by lymphoma at the age of 29 when she was pregnant with a couple in 2015, she paid "500 euro out of her pocket" for her prosthesis.
especially avoiding hidden attitudes to her situation as a sick and heavy woman.

There is no additional refund for natural hair wigs

Problem: more prostheses than 700 euros aren't returned, so wigs in natural hair, which vary between 800 and 2,000 euros. "Error", according to Céline Lis-Raoux, director of the association RoseUp. "A new inequality against the disease", the League against Scottish Productivity is rising. Without the involvement of the Sécu, "the intervention workers", fearful of Emmanuel Jammes, the president of the League's advocacy center, who was particularly anxious for "teenage girls, will not be conscious of their identity" and willing to keep " long hair and is impossible to produce luxurious models.

Because of this, the Ministry of Health is recommending the prices that patients and patients pay for most (more than 95%) wins to get support. "However, it suggests that women who apply more than usual," said Emmanuel Jammes, has the opportunity to be "luxury material when responding to real need" t .

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