Without Kepa, Chelsea will return to happiness and her; believe Tottenham's title is hoped – Premier League 2018-2019 – Football

Clearly, the 28th League Cup is bad for Tottenham, the only team in the 6 main awards that have not been won. In agreement with Chelsea, the Spurs had to move to Stamford Bridge (2-0). At the end of a tight bone, even narrow, they were punished by Pedro's lightning and a real discomfort between Trippier and Lloris.

This second loss significantly expands to; Save the title of Mauricio Pochettino's title. Here they are third, nine points behind Liverpool's headquarters, a huge winner in Watford (5-0), and eight behind Manchester City, which defeated West Ham (1-0). On their side, the Blues, sixth, are still good in the race for fourth place. Despite a smaller game on its & # 39; clock, and there are three points; They are Arsenal, winner of Bournemouth's wide winner (5-1), and two seconds behind Manchester United, who won the Crystal Palace case (1-3).

Tottenham without harm

Without Kepa trying to stay on her & # 39; bing after imbroglio Sunday in the final of the Cup Cup, Chelsea could count on the great activities of Kolo Kolo. But especially the unique game of Pedro. The Spanish was very much encouraged this Wednesday. Audacity and many dangers. In the image of his goal, he placed Alderweireld on the right side of the surface before leaving, from left, the ball between the legs of Lloris (1-0, 57th).

A score worthy of opening after two beautiful Higuain fairs in the first time. Bogle to the right of his mail (6th), and then hang his / her; left from left left next time (20th). Almost Chelsea left out of her & # 39; His first two drops, when hitting Winks free hit the Caballero bar (44 & 39).

In addition to this activity, the Blueman spent a quiet night. Tottenham was completely insecure. By doing a & # 39; minimum record. Worst, the Spurs even gave the second goal to Chelsea on a platform. On an invalid member, Trippier did not see that Lloris was a leaving his line and coming to him. And an unfortunate break ended at the back of the net (2-0, 84). The danger is so far, Maurizio Sarri was not really hoping. This success should give him some respect.

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