Frank Warren: Fury Now in the Driver Seat, It's Heavy 1


Le Frank Warren, licensed by The Daily Star

TYSON FURY woke up this great ban on this weekend – he should also be awakened Sunday as a WBC World Heavyweight Champion.

The whole country was overwhelmed by Deontay Wilder – that's the wrong decision – and the next morning is even bigger.

There were about 18,000 support staff in the LA Staples Center and over half of them were beautiful at their location. Britain.


The man who was in Manchester hit a rock base in his life 18 months ago.

And as long as he was a & # 39; lying flat on his back in the 12th incredible episode of Wilder this weekend, he was a rock base in his; a circle.

But just as he did in life, Fury rose up when it seemed like he was ready.

The only person in that area was not a # 39; think he was going – it was very exciting.

The judges' decision was to attract him as barley but we all know who the best reason is.

What Fury was shown inside the ring than we all thought, but did not; You can be sure in the later rounds due to its time out of the ring.

It was not just amazing and he won the fight. I saw him back again on Monday and thought he won at least four walks.

From the language of his body at his & her; final cemetery, you could say that Wilder did not think he was in; going to achieve its decision.

Fury is now in the driving situation. He is the No. 1 in the world.

In fact, he would like to get his & # 39; belt because it's a game game awards; in them, but he has given something that no one else can.

He is the linear warrior who resigned his position as senior department.

I said the ones who won the fight in Number 1 and in my eyes and there were a few false judges, Fury won.

The worst thing to the heavy department was that it was Fury; There were only two symbols in three years of influencing Wladimir Klitschko.

Now these walks in the bank are even better.

Fury wants the redoot with Wilder first but then it will come to Anthony Joshua – and they are not better at & # 39; hiding.

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