Frankie Muniz was destroyed and thrown & # 39; Following a very bad Week that was released by death and accident


The first star & # 39; Malcolm in the Middle & Good news.

Dannsa Leis na Rionnagan: Òganaich Frankie Muniz is co-hosted this week, and he was very frustrated. Share all the information in a series of social media jobs through the hard times.

On November 6 Calum in the middle Email to friend Print version Email to friend Print version

"This is easy one of the best days of my life," wrote it interestingly as the pic title.

Two days later, he was on holiday who had to be in France with her handsome lover, Paige Price.

Things seemed to look good for the 32-year-old star.

However, on November 15, after returning to California, issues began to go downhill quickly.

Muniz wrote a tweet that explained that the All-uncle Skip was dead and his house had flooded because of his own cat.

"I arrived home from my brother's funeral to find 4 of my 5 own homes under 3 feet of water," he said sadly TwitterSouth Westerly

"Everything that I have, destroyed. Every wall, piece of artwork, personal pictures, furniture … Everything because the cat turned me into sink a few days ago while we were away. "

In another tweet, he said the events of the week left him "spoiled and missing."

"I've been shouting past yesterday and today my whole life is together. Give me a chance to hit. I need some help."

However, Muniz's re-appointment Twitter He explained that he received a lot of support for himself to help him with pain and behavior from his two-year lover, model and costume actress.

"I would have lost her alone. It's so strong and just what I need," said the third one in Ram 25 of Dannsa Leis na Rionnagan in 2017.

As it would not be enough to deal with death and destruction, Muniz can even settle it right in the hotel that he had to save because he could not stay in the damaged home.

"He would listen up to firearms and we'd have to leave the hotel, because we're living in because of the incident to our house. to be an event week, "e tweeted in the morning on Saturday, November 17.

We hope that things start to & # 39; Repeated for the talented fantasy. In addition to their game group DWTS: young peopleMuniz has a fascinating role in the psychological filmmaker, The Trann Dubh, and its command to & # 39; other Astro Lasso board.

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