Free and Drugs To be the High Level HIV / Aids referral in DIY


Reporter Jogja Tribune, Agung Ismiyanto

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The DIY Backing Commission (KPA) says that life and abundance of prostitution in DIY are one of the causes of increase in the number of people with HIV / Aids.

The current disease is most likely free of charge.

"Against last year, the increase in the number of people with this disease reached 200 to 300. Surely the rise will rise," explained KPA DIY, Riswanto, Thursday (03/21/2019).

Riswanto explained that several factors that cause the spread of this disease include unhealthy lifestyles such as the use of narcotics and drug needles and free sex.

"It's long been a long time. It is very difficult to reduce public awareness of unfairness." People like this cause dangerous diseases, he explained.

He said that victims of HIV / Aids from swimming needed to go down. There are currently 365 drug users also with HIV / Aids.

In 2009 there were also around 6,000 people suffering from this disease.

"From our data, most people suffer from sex. Unfortunately, the distribution has spread to women of children and children under five years," he explained.

Currently the people who suffer from this disease are Kota residents of Sleman, Bantul, Gunungkidul, Kulonprogo.

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