Free drugs, at risk. We are putting the risk without going to & # 39; addressed


We are discharged by drug traffickers! That is because, with the cost of more pipes, but also because of controversial excavation tax overseas, producers and distributors do not have any profits, and they are rejecting the necessary medicines to pharmacies and hospitals.

If we do not formally respond to the & # 39; reimbursement of a large amount of drug-related drug drugs that are still disturbing, and still in force; bothering major restructuring or can not carry the high costs, we can not take the cheaper treatment.

After some pillin prices were low at the beginning of this month, manufacturers and retailers refused to import or share free pills in hospitals and pharmacy. They complained, on the one hand, that they do not want to introduce medicines in Romania because they do not have a profit, and on the other hand, distributors do not have a ; giving them the opportunity to deliver their assets as they are on the "material" expensive.

Last Chance – Pharma stock

Vasile Barbu, president of the National Patient Protection Association, told us that this situation would be expected. "Unfortunately, we have a drug crisis. Some are missing because they are constrained by the maker, others are constrained by the distributor," he said. If you are told in the hospital that you do not have any cure, you can still find it in stock of some pharmacies. However, it's best not to choose the pharmacy in the & # 39; garden because the pills are usually more expensive here. And if you know about health problems and taking longer medicine, it's a good place to make a little stock at home

Lack of makers and distributors – general medication

1. Augmentin
2. Leave
3. Nexium
4. Strattera
5. Zinnat
6. Detralex
7. Dilatrend
8. Symbicort
9. Crestor
10. Januvia
11. Siofoor
12. Madopar
13. Abilify
14. Betalok
15. Need
16. Long Orpiril, 150 mg and 300 mg.
17. Symbicor, t 160
18. Keppra Solutie,
19. Azilect
Stalevo, 125 meters
21. Neupro, all types of conglomeration
22. Isodinite Recovery, 20 meters
23. Lokren, 20 meters
24. Depakine chrono, 500mg
25. Fraxiparins, all types of conglomeration
26. Neorecormon, every number of collections
27. Bonviva
28. Dilatrend, all kinds of collection

Lack of lack of makers and distributors – medications for patients with anticoagulant treatment

29. Clexane, to all kinds of collections

Lack of makers and distributors – remedies for remedies

30. Sandimun Neoral
31. CellCept

Lack of lack of makers and distributors – medications for patients with antiviral medicine

32. Pegasys
33. Pegintron
34. Baraclude, all kinds of collections

Lack of makers and distributors – medicines for cancer patients

35. Nexavar – Therapy Disability:

Pharmaceuticals are well sold below their purchase price:

Roswera, Sortis, Tador, Noliprel, Olanzapina, Omacor, Sorp, Symbicort, Tenaxum, Seroquel, Abilify, Mirapexin, Budenofalk, Tenox, Maide, Doreta, Duplecor, Emanera, Exforge, Gabagamma, Grimodin, Ifirmasta, Diprophos, Ketoprofen 200, Ipaton , Januvia, Karbis, Micardis, Mirzaten, Montelukast, Nebilet, Nebinorm, Nexium, Amoxiclav 1 g, Azilect 1 mg.
Source – National Association for the Protection of Patients

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