Free Mobile has already blocked over 300,000 smartphones


According to Du Dimanche's newspaper, Free Mobile would have made a few houses in the unhealthy users; on smart phones rented through their special service without taking care of returning at the end of the agreed time.

Remember that Free Free offers a mobile phone service that's a # 39; Allows to terminate an initial source destination with monthly payments and commitment over 24 months. Only at the end of the charter, the user does not have the option to return the terminal (and possibly go to another), no choice of purchase is provided.

However, some users have accessed the system by restoring smartphones as long as they were. factory avoidance … This would have to be free to launch a large amount of work at the beginning of the month: a & # 39; remote barrier remote destination.

Free rent

Free of charge is free of charge and can lock lock that is locked up; airport, and can not connect to any GSM network (either FREE or anything else, anywhere in the world), which makes smartphones do not very unusable.

It is the problem, if the situation is; lasting for 3 years, some of these boundaries have changed owners. Whatever it sells second hand to private shops or through second-hand workshops, some users have been very surprised to see themselves by using a mobile phone that was not yet easy to buy and bought in the trustworthy shops.

According to the JDD, Free would have blocked no more than 300,000 smartphones from the beginning of this month. The situation is complex because the owners of these smartphones did not know the source for most. So the obstacle is impracticable and the restrictions are restricted: Voluntary organizations to contact sellers to review the black list on a case-to-case basis.

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