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Wang Meizhen / Independent Writer

The driver changes. In the 21st century, China has been authorized to show the new face at the time of "digital integrity". He began spreading his sermons around the world with new network technology modes, and invading many democratic nations to force military control, scientific intentions and steal trade, and demolish democratic order. The United States and Taiwan suffer most. At the moment, the United States has been aware that Trump's administration has launched a comprehensive multi-faceted campaign. What about Taiwan? It seems to be still in a state of uncertainty.

In this local election, we can already be able to see the interesting signs of "China totalitarian digital". A few days ago, Peng Shengzhu National Security Commissioner investigated in the Congress that the Chinese Army Liberation Army Fill the Army's rule and attacked face-to-face news in Taiwan, directing the ideas of the internet, and # 39; stops government status and affecting the lives of Taiwan's people. The "brain" warning called the face of Taiwan has begun. With this election, a Chinese army operates another type of fight against Taiwan – network operations (including public opinion, media wars and psychological war) in an effort to optimize the government's DPP and eliminating people in Taiwan. If this is successful, the next election seat will ensure that it is even worse.

The Guoan system also proved that the Chinese TV kit "Troll Factory" made a Chinese TV kit on breakthroughs, made in a video and sound through Wu Mao Party's production, and submitted to Taiwanese account through PTT, Facebook, YouTube and other communities, and then the pro-blue media. To take over the division, and the Kuomintang and Taiwanese colleagues in the LINE group to go to; as a whole, a great distribution, to realize the influence of brain and to represent the voice of a network. The most prominent example of the aggressive aggression with the English-speaking government is on a sudden breakthrough of the Korean philosophy but in the last two months.

The political figures of South Korea in Taiwan are just clown types and can "get China's favorite favor". There is only one reason: Yu Korea's south is the Taiwanese representative of the ambassador; and Kaohsiung is the main Chinese shores that are broken through Taiwan. China uses a facility more than Ke Wenzhe, and wants to use this selection to break in the blue campsite in Taiwan. If Kaohsiung is unfortunately broken, Taiwan is at risk. Starting from southern Taiwan, he started to solve and gradually went into Hong Kong's steps.

So, not just a battle against the Kaohsiung, but also the battle against Taiwan. Kaohsiung people need to be completely alert and launch full face! As well as the Kaohsiung people's campaigns, it is essential to fight "Digital full-digital China" to attack Taiwan. It is even more useful for Cai's President, to all aspects of the government, and to all the advanced citizens to move completely.

In particular President Cai. The battle for Taiwan's attack on Taiwan has not already absorbed salt and salt; start. The president is the coach and must show his leadership. An independent or cautious leader will only guide the enemy to enter the door. The director's opinion will confirm its & # 39; outcome. President Cai should learn from Prime Ministerillill. When the country threatens risks and dangers, and the heart of the people, make good use of television (Chaigel broadcast) and internet communication tools to show their confidence in the people and call on the people to protect the country and protect democratic values. South Westerly

President Cai also wants to learn from Deputy Chief of the Burns. When he gave a speech to the Hudson Institute, he said in the first sentence "Americans should know" and then count the examples of a variety of Sabotage actions made by China in the United States United States. Taiwan's citizens also have the right to know the bad badges in China against Taiwan. Allow people to feel and be attentive, and can be enemies and enemies, to increase their will and decision of the people. China was never scared to inspire us. It is funny and rough. Cai President is asked to show leadership and his / her; government and the people to fight back!

At the end of the year, this election campaign is different from the previous election campaign. There are two forces. the decline of a Taiwan society and democratic demolition: one of China's gangsters and the other is the revitalization of the regeneration forces of the authority. Both forces should cooperate and support each other. The Kuomintang and Communist Party are unified in the current level, and Taiwanese people should not be given it promptly.

Finally, I also want to tell old soldiers who have been involved in long-term serving movements, and their fighting; fighting for Taiwan's democratic freedom and independence. At first, allow your differences and make it ready to do it! It is completely impossible for Chinese Communists to be able to solve Taiwan and do not allow us to get free land back. It is to protect Taiwan and to & # 39; Protecting democracy that is a bad advantage is always our long-term desire. Let's jump again and fight!

If you are your own, democracy is on democracy, expressed by its bullying culture; climbing, and disturbing Taiwan's attack with "China totalitarian digital", stand up! In this battle, the will of citizens declares the impact or loss of democracy or integrity; In this battle, the will of the Taiwan producers will prove! This is awful, we can not win! Taiwanese, stand up!

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