Frida Sofía protects herself from criticism and regrets not being able to join her grandmother


United States. Feedback on the negative comments criticism and criticism after that he went after that controversial statementhe composed about his cousin Michelle Salas, Frida Sofia He divided a line messages Instagram Stories where you are protected And he explained how bad it would be for him to be by his side grandmother in these times when he is suffering from his health.

Daughter Alejandra Guzmán screen share of the attacks that social network users are writing to it, which has so far arrived Silvia Pinal.

My grandmother is one of my favorite people. Now more than I have always been to ask you to pray for him, feeling that you cannot be near, "Frida started.

Afterwards, the young woman gave a talk to those who knew her and mentioned that immigration problem all that he has

Like many people, my paperwork was delayed. I am worse and alone. So if you want to fall into me telling me that you don't care about my family, and you expect to kill them, congratulations. You did it, "said Alejandra Guzmán's daughter.

Now I have the question … do you feel better? Protecting "my cousin", the person who doesn't care for you? If I am "pu ***, rude, head *** …" and you don't know me. What is it? I'm not going to stop speaking the truth and I'm not going to close my feelings. As you remind me, I am alone. I hadn't seen my family for years and for years I have been carrying a worry that I am not with me. Overall for leaving the people I love, "said Frida Sofía.

Now the only thing I have left is the truth, and that will always be a test. Like this or not. Like myself struggling to protect myself. And I'm not tired, "he said.

Another message from Instagram Stories tells Frida Sofia that same she was not to be quiet Against the dumb she gets, she always says that she will always speak to the truth and "so I am continuing to defend myself. As he was. Daan."

As is known, Alejandra Guzmán's daughter had recently appeared that Michelle Salas had been relative to Luis Miguel, Other controversial statements.

The health of the young woman's grandmother came out Silvia The pine went hospital by being # 39; chest problems and to use tests and a series of experiments. She made sure the actress was getting in "very good condition. "


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