Friends of Khalifa Sall believe that there is a "need" for her & # 39; case


"We will never have the legal history of our country, the High Court will have considered an appeal in cassation less than a month after filing the minutes and answers of the parties. In addition, there is nothing that proves that this file is carefully extracted to be cleared before hundreds of cases come & # 39; waiting, often for years, before the court ", he explained this partnership with a Dakar master, who was circulated from March 2017, who was allegedly discharged the last public in the Dakar city management since 2009.

Khalifa Sall, who was abducted on 31 August by Dakar's president, was a presidential order, a candidate named to elect Senegal's president, who is the first scheduled round for February 24, 2019.

On 30 August, the Dakar Appeals Court president presided over his first birth birth, which had been given five months earlier by the Dakar Criminal Court, and sentenced to Khalifa Sall to five years in prison.

The appeal decision also added to the 5th million CFAFs issued in the first review, particularly with CFAF 1,830 billion. Amount that Kalifa Sall and his co-defendants now need to pay in damages to the Senegal State.

"The message is undoubtedly clear. Khalifa Ababacar Sall has to give his claim out of his / her case, the declaration before his legal court is convicted diligently before submitting bids for the President elects, "he responded to senior managers in Dakar.

"In any case, we will never accept that the legal program is designed on the election calendar and that the test will be before the High Court is changed into a tour of the" abolishing the president's election of 24 February 2019 ", he sent the Senegal's Taxawu Consortium.

In addition, we also require religious authorities, civil society organizations and diplomatic representations in relation to this crisis for justice, and nothing to prove if the proof is not Does the anti-Khalifa Ababar SALL approach be a political issue set by her; power in a place and executed by justice orders.

Likewise, they are challenged to the "Union des Magistrats du Senegal", and through all the lawmasters, and they are asked to refuse that the High Court judges are to; make their office with the real goal of helping Macky Sall to abolish a political enemy, "following Khalifa Sall's relatives.

"It's not a polling station in the First Court and his judges should not be able to abolish a candidate in the president's election," said the Khalifa Sall partnership .

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