From 1 January, the number of key changes


Illustrated portrait. Photograph: TASR / Radovan Stoklas

Bratislava, November 20 (TASR) – Mar 1 January 2019, the lowest base of a new social insurance assessment is for people working for themselves (SZČO) and people with voluntary insurance (DPO) & Relevance. The largest amount is also the largest base for social insurance for SZČO, DPO, employee and insurance employer.

"The Social Insurance Company has established a new payment grant from 1 January 2019, and published on the website, which includes percentages of pricing for individual insurance types – illness, retirement and invalidity, Deficit Insurance, Guarantee, Accident and Solidarity Reserve Trust, " informed Peter Višváder, speaker for its insurance company.

The main levels in the register can be determined from the employee's, employer, RAS insurance and responsibility. There are also high rates for payments paid by the state and the Social Insurance Fund to specific groups of people. Also, in the list there are amounts of prices for each insurance type from the bottom and bottom basis; the highest cost. In the text below the board, the policy will receive additional information in addition to its price in 2019.

Source:, the TASR news portal

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