From 19,800 kilometers per hour to 0 in 6.5 minutes


From 19,800 kilometers per hour to 0 in 6.5 minutes

PASADENA. Even the numbers are very interesting: the Mars "InSight" test, which came ashore on; Red Planet on Monday afternoon, has been covering the 485 million kilometer route in just over seven months.

From 19,800 kilometers per hour to 0 in 6.5 minutes

One of the first pictures of the probe from the red planet beside it Photograph: AFP

She entered the Martian environment at 19,800km per hour, with its heat shield rising to 1500 Celsius degrees. To go ashore, "InSight" had to be moved to zero within 6.5 minutes. At least, the pictures on the ground are at the same time.

"Confirmation is confirmed!" NASA said his control center at Pasadena, California on Monday, Monday. Then shoes were high, jumping scientists from their seats and jumping together.

"Terrible Minutes"

Then there was a horrible relief for months of severe tire – NASA's "six-minute-half-a-minute nickname". Our neighbor's planet destination is one of the most difficult part of spyware travel. This move is so complex, to date only about 40 per cent of the initiatives to the planets inside our solar system were successful.

Although Europe has not yet been managing Mars itself, but is involved in a variety of technologies in the "InSight" -Mission. The experimental appliance on the platform incorporates ramming sequences built in Germany, which is a hole on Mars surface down to a depth of five meters. Graz Institute for Space Research (IMF) of the Academy of Sciences is also involved in data analysis.

"InSight" is a geophysical guide where scientists want to explore within Mars and its structure over the next two years. This should be measured by impacts and earthquakes that may be on the planet. Scientists hope to learn from others how Mars created billions of years ago.

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