From A1 to UHS: That's the shortcut for memory cards


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memory cards speeches usually involve SD cards. The status SD (Digital Protection) by the manufacturer in 2001 SanDisk develop and replace the oldest MMC cards. SD With his great memory and small dimensions with good read and fast writing and low price, he quickly added to those who had a competition memory cardsSometimes digital cameras use hard folded cards And also the standard memory stick Sony It is still used in cameras and older game consoles.

But SD cards are widely used in the market. Which is the best of this memory and sometimes rare repeats You must know: There are three changes:

SD, miniSD and microSD. The normal SD card is 32 millimeters (mm) long, 24 mm wide and 2.1 mm high. It is used as an example in cameras. Usually, readers in notebooks and PCs are designed for this size.

MiniSD cards are around half so large. The cards are almost all developed for small machines are largely used and microSD cards are even in place. These measure only 15 mm long, 11 mm wide and 1 mm thick. Thanks to your adapter usually, they'll come into the larger slot slots for normal SD cards. Before buying a card, it should be known if the device uses it and its format.

Many smartphone models provide microSD slot and thus expand the choice of available memory. When you select your cart but you should take into account the possible GB of memory with a card.

After submitting, the user has the option: Should the extra memory be used as a classic classic that can be extracted, especially for pictures, videos and music stored? Or should not remember inside

smart phones & # 39; Extensively expanded and the map, for example, also includes applications for apps?

With its first choice, the card can be changed quickly, with the second one, it will be a memory of the system and can not be switched on – there are many more apps for this. & # 39; smart & # 39;There are now SD cards that specialize in the second option. They carry A & # 39; map and are developed to launch apps quickly. A1 is the current status, A2 is slowly coming to the & # 39; market.

Since SD cards have been developed, their storage capacity has increased rapidly. SD Currently store up to 512 gigabytes (GB) data. "To make it clear in its name, the abbreviation HC and XC ", describing Lutz Labs from the trade magazine"

c".HC identifies sizes up to 32 GB, XC up to 2 terabytes (TB). But this is only theoretical size." For SDXC or microSDXC cards currently the maximum capacity of 512 GB . Ability is still being developed. When there are offers for terabyta cards to be unbelievable – maybe it's a foul.

In general, be sensitive to focus: SD cards are a great deal on the internet, because they are easy to break out. Many shops attract a large, fast card at affordable prices. After delivery, the consumption is often maintained: the cards are slower than they are marked, and data is suddenly lost, as they only have 32GB, the instead of 128 GB and just re-write old data when their ability is provided.

Matteo Cagnazzo from the Institute for Internet Security also warns that free online storage can be accessed to & # 39; giving content unhappy. Free carts could be Throjan and spyware hiding. Therefore, prices should always be compared. Is there one memory of her cart With a supplier much cheaper than other retailers, a warning is needed.

SD cards have different levels of difference assigned by classes. This is marked on a map by an open circle to the right with an internal number. There are 10 in a circle that identifies a class 10 card that is a? Write at least 10 megabytes (MB) of data each second, that is smart phones & # 39; sufficiently dispersed. "Class 10 is the general standard that is fast enough, both in digital cameras and in digital cameras smart phones & # 39; to prove it. Only classes are lower than that, "and Labs definition.

With the ever-changing arrangement of camera and the larger numbers of digital cameras; but also the need for writing accelerations is faster. Who creates video content in a 4K (3840 to 2160 pixel) resolution, take care of the selection of SD charts on the UHS image. There is an "U" inside standing for Ultra High Speed. However, such cards also want a suitable device to use the speed.

UHS-1 is about the same as the speed class 10. UHS-3 cards can handle as much as 90 MB each. These cards cost more and are only useful for professional use.

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