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Original title: From banned books to text books selected by Jin Yong Novels in a "dancing dance" in Taiwan.

In the military art novels, Jin Yong disappeared, and China's world mourned. In Taiwan, Jin Yong's novels were banned for a long time. After that, although they were disqualified, they were still regarded as floods and animals with most parents, and his / her parents were not allowed to. children to read. Today, Jin Yong's novels have entered their textbooks and Taiwan papers. Between the rise and fall, the classical people travel through time and place.

What is the name "hidden"?

The "Condor Heroist Story" is astonishing at Jin Yong, but in Taiwan, once the people hit the island once, the "Heroes of the Desert" him.

By the end of 1959, the "Command Command" (the "Chief Police Officer"), the most emotional institution in Taiwan's careful time, implemented the "Rainstorm Project" to host the "Command Command". specifically ban on the "Universal Martial Arts Novels". Jin Yong's jobs are also listed. Because the jobs have been stopped, the Jin Yong authors can not be able to; They are popularly enjoying the island, and the publishers have changed the faces to make piping. Not only have the jobs been renamed, but the names in the book must be renamed.

It is said that the "Condor Heroist Story" and a relative to the rhyme have been renamed "just recognizing its arch and burning the golden eagle". The reason is to stop "Dragon" as a result of a conversation – "Wang Yujian saw two fighting, and he said casually: This is the famous dynamic movement of Jiangnan Jiang's family shot of clouds!" So Taiwan's authorities are Believe that he "refers to mulberry." Another way is to say that Murong's role of "Dragons and eight" is currently killing a politician.

In addition, "Yi Tian Tu Long Ji" was called "Supreme Knife" in Taiwan at that time, "Swordsman" was renamed "Duo Gu Jiu Jian", "Book Jian En Chou Lu" on changed to "Schordsman Scholar", "Lu Ding Ji" to become a "Dragon White White" ", and so on.

Election of textbooks and papers

Jin Yong's top authors are big. Under the active efforts of Taiwan in all parts of Taiwan, Jin Yong's work was built in Taiwan in 1979. However, Taiwanese parents have been struggling to go to school for a long time to see "study books" Jin Yong novels. In recent years, the literary value of Jin Yong's novels has been increasing. Some textbooks and exams in Taiwan have begun to & # 39; including Jin Yong novels.

In addition to the text books inspired by Taiwan authorities, there are many versions of Taiwan's text books. Among them, the Hanlin version of the third-level Chinese text books in the third semester of Taiwan chose the "Fengying Heroes Biography" in the Huang Rongzhi story on the book; asked the Hanlin version of the third semester of the second year of the "Tianlong Ba Bu" semester in the Yanmenguan outside Xiao Feng to retire.

At the same time, the Chinese proposals in Taiwan's college access induction examinations, life-threatening, multi-faceted materials, artistic novels of military art; Getting in to a fast, including the language certificate, just "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", "The Condor Heroes" 3 times: Gu Long tests, Liang Yusheng's artistic novels and novels Wang Duyu "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Hidden" too.

Taiwanach star high school will open a booklet for new students every summer holiday, and # 39; incentive to read classic literary works. He has also included the novels of Jin Yong such as "Swordsman".

Classical influence is circulated

Duan Xinyi, director of the Chinese Department of Culture of Taiwan's Advertising Department, believed that the novel was Playing a variety of careers in each century, entering the native age, the novel is an important part of the literary movement, and Jin Jin's martial art novel called "Wenbai" As a result of & Link to & # 39; model, the content is in the work with the rich feelings, national justice, novel forms, a unique literary value that enjoys it; Chinese circles have had many ordinary people, selected to Taiwan text books to attract more students to classical literature reading and their. love of Chinese history.

Their impact is; The novels of Jin Yong on the Taiwanese society and its various aspects. The president of the National University of Taiwan was elected by the Further Democratic Party. He would be "strong in life, and he was strong, and he was strong in the wind. He was carved with him, and there was a moon in a river." Long Lai Qingde also said in the same book, "He is unhappy, he is self-satisfied, I am very angry." Jin Yongxian went to the island to build a style of Jin Yong novels compared to politicians. Politicians put gold on their faces, and they have a good image in the book. The place of the novel can be seen as truth to everyone, but also the depth of Jin Yong's ability to characterize the characters.

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