From here on, the SBE device can be credited by cell phone


Those who download the SUBE need to reinforce those at the points that are located at train stations, banks, Metrobus and, stop or move mobile devices.

However, through the apps "Upload SUBE Beta", the electronic device can be reinforced by supporting the chart behind it; phone. Also You can investigate the balance in real time and see if the social level of SUBE is.

If the user has a unconnected mobile phone, a signal appears to show or if you do not find the app directly in the # 39; PlayStore. Similarly, up to 10 costs per day can be certified on different SUB cards.

"With this application we will enable the SUBE to be uploaded to thousands and thousands of users", the Transportation Minister said Guillermo Dietrich when the app appears to the media

To download the app for free, users need to go to Google Playstore and find the app for free. With this new open-ended feature, the caretaker has a & # 39; try to double the electronic device in the next eight months and more than 1,400,000 monthly costs.

How to pay your credit on the SUBE from the cell phone

  • Deal with home banks, Todo Pago and MercadoPago, Pim or ATM applications.
  • Apply the "Upload SUBE Beta" app and select "license fees".
  • Supporting and maintaining the SUBE behind its phone and self-operative will have the new balance of SUBE.

For now, Transport has benefited from the presentation of the new taxation system to look at "system advances". In this context, Dietrich put himself in the last three years "the costs of the SUBE were diminished".

The best tool for the SUBE is the cash tool. 90% of those who use their cart & # 39; Election of the 22,000 tax points across the country. However, since 2016, the option for electronic return was added through six genuine bugs, and autonomous points were terminated to reinforce those.

In this context, the minister said "we are working hard to develop the network and we have made considerable progress in the SUBE staff", and reinforcing this with this new module "we are trying to make things easier for public transport users".

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