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The head of the races will try, with only one point ahead of the guardian Atlético Tucumán, although not so easy to play, to increase the minimum benefit when Banfield gets in one of the Five games that are played today before the 13th. date of the Super League.
The meeting will be played at the Presidente Perón site, in the town of Avellaneda, from 9.30pm, with Delfino Germany with interventions and television with TNT Sports Premium.

Racing is a 29-point leader and Atlético Tucumán, who enjoys Friday as a visitor of Belgrano with 3 to 1, who is 28 and a. Eduardo Coudet's team is very good at the team, which aims to keep a good difference with his followers a few summer case dates waiting for the last ten dates played in 2019.

So, races will continue after their & # 39; More advantageous than usual, before Banfield, led by the former sailor Julio César Falcioni, is a co-competitive who can qualify for a "difficult" certificate.

The 80 per cent of efficiencies that racing journeys should be powerful when they are evaluating; point, but the plentiful amount of points coming from a very high level of play, although no team was in a position; Crossing the "Academy" in those 12 dates, even even San Martin tucumano, which brought those who did not feel in the ninth day.
Races are suffering from a series of casualties that suffer challenging the work of Coudet, including the backdrop Gabriel Arias (breaking on the right), Marcelo Diaz (run by his hand-gatherer), one of the figures of team, Alejandro Donatti Sometimes), Augusto Solari (two tears), Eugenio Mena (talalgia), Renzo Saravia (bad shoulder) and Matías Zaracho (knee trauma).

Today, Saravia will return to the place of Iván Pillud in the same change in the team that he often defeated at Gymnastas in La Plata from 3 to 0.

But this Regiment Banking "is largely due to Lisandro Lopez, so it will play and dispose of the teams , and the shoes of players that make them imbalance like Guillermo "Pol" Fernández no Ricardo Centurión.

Banfield reaches 47% of the points received and its output; promises the night is difficult for races. The Falcioni DT had been looking for innovative changes to stop the attack game; point, which can range from 5-1-3-1 to 3-5-1-1, with the intention of cutting the attack on an "asset" member of an "assault" visit.

For this reason, the opponent returned to the first Jorge Rodríguez team for the re-visit of Nicolás Silva, in the same change he would make to the summit that was given in the previous visit against Lanús (0-0), with his best player Darío Cvitanich, as the only invasion.

Formal formats (((((((INVESTED)))

Club Racing:
Javier García; Renzo Saravia, Sigali, Donatti and Orban; Guillermo Fernández, Nery Domínguez, Neri Cardozo and Centurión; Cristaldo and Lisandro López. DT: Eduardo Coudet.
Banfield: Arboleda Arciero, Jorge Rodríguez, Renato Civelli, Danilo Ortiz and Claudio Bravo; Calello; Luciano Gómez, Kalinski and Dátolo; and Cvitanich. DT: Julio C. Falcioni.

Court: Racing Club. Translator: Germán Delfino. Time: 21.30. (Télam) .-

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