From Maribor Election Workers: Veselo pri Arsenoviću and Kanglerju, tha Fištravec faces


2018 local elections

Saša Arsenovič won% of votes and goes to the second round. Photograph: Radio Maribor / Dejan Rat

Due to the results of an unofficial part, Fištravec did not fit for the second tour. Photograph: MMC RTV SLO / Larisa Daugul

In Maribor, 18 candidates met in local elections. Saša Arsenovič received the greatest support, followed by Frank Kangler who goes to the second round. The current Attorney, Andrej Fištravec, is dealing.

Following the unofficial results of the State Election Commission (DVK), in the first round of election elections in the Municipality of Maribor (MOM), most of the votes Aleksander Sasa Arsenovic (SMC), the other is the previous pastor and candidate of several parties, Franc Kangler (NSL, SDS, SLS). Current high school Andrej Fištravec (run by voters' voters) was clearly to be burned from the situation, when it came down third. It was a fourth place Lidija Divjak Mirnik from LMŠ, who also kept the signatories of the electorate.

So the second tour of the MOM guardian elections, where Kangler and Arsenovic will handle the & democratic process.

The MMC went to the election constituency headquarters, which showed the best opinion polls.

Choices with both ahead
Electors Kangler and Arsenovič just a few meters away, on the same street, at Gosposka in Maribor. Even after the air, there was no such difference. In the end. In the meantime, when the votes were still counted and the State Election Commission published interim results, there was a significant challenge in reality and, in many cases, there were some types of misfortunes.

At Kangler's headquarters, he was already very spectacular and pleasing, full of thoughts, but he was well-spirited, as the last pre-election examined the first rank of the senior master, little benefit. So, it was a great surprise when DVK published the results of the first six percent of the counted votes. They marked the second round, but with a 44% division of Kangler versus 27 for Arsenovich.

But, as it is often determined, not early elections is the right model for the reasoning of the population. Shortly there was equality, with 17% of votes counted, the pillars were fair for both. The faces returned to the screen frequently and reminded the "appropriate" however, to click on the F5 key. The next route may come forward in the right way.

At the end, he went to welcomes the new opponent, Arsenovich, and was reinforced at the difference of five percentage points. It's enough that everything is possible in the second round, and it's still enough to support the joy in Arsenic's headquarters, welcomes and calls that are now to & # 39; dealing with their homework. But also with Kanglers they are far from throwing guns to corn. The supporters made a hard analysis of their output, and # 39; Distribute votes to other candidates, and follow electoral strategies.

Arsenovich: I can not wait to start work
In his first impression, Arsenovic, 52, did not succeed in giving critical words at the cost of the pre-election campaign, where he put down a lot of low, Hopefully, the focus will change in the future. "I hope we finally talk about the development of Maribor, I'm not so personal about me, personally" he said.

As athletic (tennis player) in the second round, he expects only anything but impact, he told MMC.

"Today, indeed, Maribor won and thanked the people of Maribor and Maribor that you went to the polls. I feel Maribor wants big changes, and I'm sorry. , committing that with home councilors and town consultants, we will succeed in achieving the long-term commitments we will be able to get a better home service in Maribor, " he said.

Kangler: Let's lament
The previous host does not have the second trip to & # 39; Pre-telling major changes in content or innovations. Depending on its output, it was a & # 39; It is considered that the votes already recognized the value of offering, enterprise and identifying its good work. He identified a difficult fight for success in the second round. Regarding the content of the election campaign, he said "due to build buildings", not this crime, since politics here, he must work together and work for his & # 39; town.

Initially, it was likely that its main rival, Fištravec, but Kangler, would be a word itself, and expected such developments.
"If you promise something to people, you do not do that, you must expect the voters to punish you," said Kangler, Countess of Maribor.

Fištravec: Maribor is vital to get up
While he was at headquarters, Meštravec's anti-ruinous finger at the moment, as long as they were. Waiting for its first result, there was a very terrible habitat, as there was no disturbance. During its waiting process, information began to; circulated, so that the results of individual polling stations show that the demand is still possible, as the current sea level is much larger. It was a small increase; in the rise in the headquarters, but today's presentations were very aware of the rehearsal.

Is it possible for the polling bills to be expressed and that there is still an opportunity? "Hope is always lasting, but it is true that such electronics is that public ideas are raised through surveys, in geography, such as self-prophecy Funny to this, you say to someone that it is beautiful and that it is very beautiful and so it's a political life ", the current mariner said about the MMC results Andrej Fištravec saying that it is vital that Maribor is going up, if he or she wins.

When the information on the first numbers became solus, the rainfall followed, because Kangler and Arsenović were crucial to the situation with the authorities, and the current warden is far behind.

"It is important that all the economic indicators in Maribor appear very well, and I am sure that the transition in Maribor has come to an end, there is less unemployment, much In the possession, even European money is ready, in two years, Maribor will have three years depending on who the sea is, " Fištravec said a sign of MMC, which marked, and at the same time stressed that it is more important that Maribor is successful, than who is at sea.

"Maribor has been deadly since the mid 80's, and this drought ended when my second term was, but it will give people a long time to understand this: in Maribor, generations of people who do not believe they have good news, they have to be accustomed to it, "they continued with their host in the left.

In the second round he does not expect to support one of the two candidates, he said.

Fištravec about the election campaign
"The election campaign was very innovative and respectful, we had innovation with a polling area – a cartoon, and most of the campaign through social networks, and the local newspaper was just defined as a candidate," Fištravec commented on the election campaign and took notice of the procurator to the local newspaper, which he liked "his" applicant. Many people have reached the campaign, but as the seabird he was always in the "hostile local media" situation that was unable to look at things, "he said.

He also commented on one of the media statements that he will now be responsible for what he / she is responsible for his & her; failing, sure that there is a lot of "smart", but every factor must be aware that it will be longer or longer, it will not be a greater factor and take it correctly, he said.

Full list of candidates for MOM Ranger
1. Aleksander Saša Arsenovič (SMC)
2. Melita Petelin (a group of electors)
3. Zdravko Luketič (NSi)
4. Matic Matjašič (List of young people.
5. Uros Prikl (DeSUS)
6. Andrej Šiško (United States Movement)
7. Zdenko Vinkov (Slovenian nation party)
8. Borut Ambrožič (Party of loyalty and development between generations)
9. Igor Jurišič (Youth Party – European Green)
10. Igor Domanjko (List of Bojan Požar journalists)
11. Josip Rotar (List of riders and walkers)
12. Alenka Iskra (SD)
13. Lidija Divjak Mirnik (a group of electors / LMŠ, LPR)
14. Kangle Francr (List Franz Kangler – NLS / SDS, SLS, SNS)
15. Aleksander Kamenik (Stranka Alejandra Kamenika)
16. Rok Zalar (Greens of Slovenia)
17. Andrej Fištravec (a group of electors)
18. Vlado Sega (Levica)

Aljoša Masten, Gorazd Kosmač

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