From prehistoric to "The Voice", Grévin looks at interactivity


Take a look at the rock pictures, fighting Vercingetorix, go down the Champs-Élysées with General de Gaulle, interview with President Macron … From today's, the Grévin Museum, "Pantheon of wax", a & # 39; proposes an "interactive move" in the history of France and the news. "From the museum we see, we will move to a museum to live", a summary of Yves Delhommeau, the general director of a Parisian tourism center that was created in 1882.

At a time when photography and cinema were stored for the fire, journalist Arthur Meyer, daily newspaper leader Le Gaulois, joined Alfred Grévin, dresser and sculptor, to house create a trademark "to allow the public to face the characters that make the news". 100 years old, the spirit of founders is whole. Despite television and the internet, there are almost 700,000 visitors every year; meet the ocean congestion from famous or contemporary celebrities. Since 2001, the selfies method needs, visitors can already go to the characters to build a picture with them.

But today, the "true-semblant" museum will bring a new degree due to multi-media technology, including video, to interact with some famous people and seats, for deep immersion . At the same time, Grévin is converted into a "time-machine" in historical order, and all the locations are transformed, and offer radical change. Four million euros were invested, according to the museum, compagnie des Alpes entities (Futuroscope, Parc Asterix, Walibi, France, Small Habitats and Skiing).

If Marat's death is a wall with Charlotte Corday, Henry IV is in a carriage with Ravaillac or Palace of the Mirages, a famous museum, still in existence, the new Grevin who offers unpublished photographs is dedicated at Cannes Film Festival, inviting visitors to go on and off; red carpet by Angelina Jolie, Omar Sy and Ryan Gosling. The tour begins with a VIP welcome in a Part Art Deco lobby, "which praises the spirit of France". In addition, the visitor will find himself on a TV set where journalist Léa Salamé, alongside Al Pacino, waiting for an interview on the front of the cameras.

In Jeep of the General

The trip continues with a typical café in Paris and moves to; Elysée's garden party in the presence of Elizabeth II, Mohammad VI, Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin. For the first time, there is a President's office; Publishers at the Elysée have been re-established, with a two-page Emmanuel Macron souvenir, the final step before reaching the time wrapper control room. The visitor finds himself pre-historically moved before he started Vercingetorix and Julius Caesar, and traveled through the centuries to meet Louis XVI at Versailles and then in the Temple jail, after the Age of Soillseachaidh. Among the unpublished photographs, he found Champs-Élysées with General de Gaulle aboard Jeep, with a free seat for the visitor, and Brigitte Bardot has returned to Grévin to move from 1968 by Jean-Paul Sartre.

The imaginative world is also established, from The Prince Beag to Frankenstein, to the funny warrior, before they meet big sportsmen. With a video impact, inviting the visitor to pass with Kylian Mbappé or to review the O-goshi with Judoka Teddy Riner. A recording studio makes it possible to start a "jam" session with Master Gimms, along with Johnny Hallyday, Lady Gaga or Ray Charles on a piano. The visitor can also be an awful coach to set up on The Voice bicycle chairs, telehandler TF1.

Every year, four or five people go into Grévin according to two criteria, similarly from 1882: "its enjoyment and excellence". "I'm really proud to go into your museum. I feel it's my last name," Coluche said in 1980 when he found his double neck.

Jean-François GUYOT / AFP

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