From the "Blue Bulgaria" Trust they agreed to appoint Pavel Kolev


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The Blue Blue Trust welcomed Pavel Kolev as Head of the club, which came out clearly yesterday.

Here's what they wrote on the site of the organization:

The Blue Blue Trust shows that it is satisfied with the # 39; Put Pavel Kolev on as Head.

It continues with the redevelopment that is going on; run in the club and have already impacted on marketing and trading. The Blue Blue Trust acknowledges that agreement has been reached by the large shareholder, Mr. Spas Russev and the Slavisa Stojanovic coach work and Pavel Kolev's already met two of the points.

In opposition to the small shareholders, the "Blue Bulgaria" Trust, Pavel Kolev has a great deal, hoping to work together for the benefit of Levski after 1 January 2019. "

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