From the UIA warned about collapse of earnings in the sector and a decline in activity for 2019


The headteacher also said Departmental projects have an impact on the department's activity for 2019. "If I need to show and compare the picture of business activity by 2015, we have six points below," he explained.

"As long as there is no economic development plan or structural changes that can leave and think financially, the route will not be away," spread

"It's clear that the development model has declined significantly over the last three years," he said in a conversation with Radio Con Vos.

Depending on your understanding, "The estate to the Government that comes out will be worse than he did."

The Central Bank has identified a few days ago from the # 39; eliminating a level of interest was 60%, and the week closed 59%.

Despite this, Urtubey bought that the "level still" remains unreliable for "commercial credentials and for operating capital".

"We came from the last few years in the last government, we needed to make changes, that was true," he said, but said "now the room for a smaller move ".

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