"From tomorrow we're going to …", Marcelo Tinelli has a & # 39; start up his political role?


This Thursday was a festival Dance to wild truth. The second night of Homage's rhythm gave many hidden feelings, and left everyone's strong heart, especially in the distinction that Soledad Fandio and his team had put on & # 39; a dream, a community of It Poty Mir who's a represented in the competition. They have no drinking water and they have to build a room for a very poor school, which lives in 44 children.

After the prestigious image, in the final scene, the screen opened and the people who influenced this genuine fact revealed the ones that were present and the Thousands of families that could be & # 39; Think about the illicit situations in which they live. Even, Marcelo Polino was indignation and said to the air: Water is asking, Mr Governor, that water is ask. They ask a roof for a classroom. I do not know how it's not a n; giving them luck.

In addition, to Marcelo Tinelli He was also very happy and the tears came. In the last times, he showed equality to the original community and revealed their commitment to their Instagge account. "From tomorrow we will continue to work so that the children of the It Poty Mir community can drink water, we always get the opportunity to help someone who needs him, "he said driver to more than 5 million and half of fans, share a picture of the shoe to a school teacher, who tells the air as they are; living and the needs of their children.

Of course, Marcelo it is very important and of great importance, why its words can be done by some social activities that it makes to think about that zone, although the aim of That time reaching, not much Certainly, it can be achieved. This is the beginning of a Scottish political post producer? In a recent interview, Tinelli closed its doors to the world of politics, which is often affected, because its interest in the country is stable, and has no problem in Mauricio Macri's government's opinion cameras or social networks.

His followers gave him an experiment to see how he is doing in a social support area, something he is really doing; enjoy and interest, to know the different things, some that are very hard, within Argentina, where hunger and poverty grow behaviors.
The image ideas, which are more than 76,000 "I enjoy" in three hours only, and # 39; make clear that Argentina's support and love is the famous attack: "What are you waiting to appeal as a president of Argentina, Cabezn?", "Marce a & # 39 ; I apply to politics, I vote for you "," I hope you decide to do politics, you need people like you, bigger -shluagh Sos, Marce, I love you with your soul, "You are an example of all, Marcelo, you must be a representative of Argentina because of your heart, maybe God is Blessing always, "he said his loyal followers.

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