Front of a restaurant house Lainne revealed genius tea as a pizza maker … Baek Jong wins "So beautiful"


The tea appeared in a pizza house in Woogi-dong.

On the night of the 20th, SBS & # 39; Bauk Jong-won Alley Restaurant & # 39; (known as Restaurant Alley) Paek Jong-won a picnic house in Donggyeong's sea.

"I'm really scared," said the pizza house to the production crew. "I'm worried that the pizza should be getting the same level as the customers are coming."

After broadcasting, attention and attention were focused on their worries. Baek Jong-won said, "There's no need to be too much of a leader," he said.

And Baek Jong-won asked me, "Make me good because I have pizza with a special guest." The star Astro car specialist.

Paek Jong-won said, "I saw it in CF's medicine." "I'm really happy." Jo Boa from the setting room to Cha said, "I'm young at school. I've seen it in the entertaining program and it was very beautiful."

Cha said, "My mother was always a pizza when I was a child when I was sick." Finally, the pizza house has made a new pizza restaurant.

Initially, pizza pizza pizza pizza included pizza pizza, pizza pizza prawn pizza pizza, pizza pizza pizza, and pizza-pizza. "I do not really feel a lot of seals," he said, eating a pink pixie; crying.

Follow him by explaining the flavor of her & # 39; cryptic suppression and active expression. Baek Jong-won, "I know a lot about pizza," he said, "I learned a lot," he praised the sharp.

"I am a normal 20 year old user," said Cha.

After that, the pizza house finished the menu and was opened again. And Promise Nine went into the pizzeria with a pre-sighted tour.

Promise Nine moved the new pizza restaurant menu, saying "It's very handsome", renowned for the number that grows the piotas. The pizza was full of type and left.

(SBS funE Cho Yeon Hee editor)

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