Fuenzalida examines the work of Reinaldo Rueda in the Chilean national team: "It has been extremely difficult."


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José Pedro Fuenzalida, He is an experienced player from Universidad Católica, and focused on his time with the table hanging, where he is the captain, and avoided by feeling emotionally. not yet claimed. Reinaldo Rueda out in the Cilean team.

Today, the captain is a 34-year-old guide. National Competition and recently won the Chilean Supercopa with the shape of the strip. Also, one of the columns is scaffolding Gustavo Quinteros.

For UC's time, Fuenzalida named “La Tercera” very well, there were better games out there, others not so much, but generally with good results. happy for the Supercopa (…) It was difficult for us to capture the rhythm of the competition, too for Libertadors, but we got on for a long time. We are changing. "

Already in the personal aircraft and consulting that it may be better, the series said "no. The football times come with the team. T I am in good time, but go hand in hand with the team playing well, the most important thing is to keep pace.

As to whether he is comfortable with the captain's jinta, the player standing on the right side says "There are a lot of duties, and I like to accept them." For any UC-born musician, fans are just as much as I haveIt makes me happy for me. "

Is another issue that didn't dismiss the year? They chose Chilean's. Having been an important part of achieving the Copa América Centenario, in 2016, Fuenzalida has not appeared in the Reinaldo Rueda celebrations.

“In the National Team there are many players who don't play because the results are not given. The truth is that I live at the time of my UC, I'm happy with the results, and I think I won't follow this way. If I do so, I'll welcome you to the National Team. But I understand that there is a change in the level of new players with the new playersAnd I hope that they will be able to take part, ”he said.

"The technician decides who to call, I don't have to wait until they tell me things. Any player likes to be in the National Team, but that comes from the performance of teams, "he said.

This was done by Rueda's work in a bikampeon in America. The cross symbol said: "He has had a hard job, t football club membership is currently being restored. Because of its difficulty, selection results are always required. And it is difficult to work quietly when they are not doing it and you have to do the other one. He has tried to find players. "

Finally, if the future looks for UC, Fuenzalida “I think of what I live as a player. No doubt he is thinking about what will come next, but there is still time for it. I don't think about things other than continuing it in court. I still have it. "

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