Fujifilm to case case & # 39; XF10 & # 39; to give


Fujifilm Electronics Imaging Korea published the XF10 Equal Code event, which provides a natural leather case by buying a very good XF10 camera.

The XF10 is a hard camera, 24.2 megapixel with an APS-C size sensor which is 14 hours less than a smartphone camera sensation in a small, luminous 280 gram gram. With 11 film symbols and 19 advanced artistic rubbish modes, Fujifilm's color re-imaging technology supports a wide range of styles. With high quality images and images, pictures can be easily erected by special feelings, and can be immediately sent to the NHS, and emerging as a daily snap camera.

The XF10 Perfect Codie & # 39; An event to give the XF10 buyers from the Fujifilm studio in Cheongdam-dong and Fujifilm in Korea from 8 February to the same case (BLC-XF10). A case, made from black and brown color, can be purchased for later purchase at a price of 39,000.

In particular, it is made of natural leather and offers a wonderful feeling. If you look at it with the strap camera that is a fundamental accessory of the same material, it is possible to make perfect co-ordination. In addition, it is anticipated that it will be consistent with the XF10 by including a & # 39; replace the area's battery even though the button process at the bottom of the case is located.

At the same time, FujiFilm offers the biggest cash-raising event to return to KRW 600,000 for its & # 39; model when they buy 21 kinds of Fujinon XF lens by February 28.

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