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Apple's classic materials are too big to say, but whatever the material is launched, I'm scared that they can not press the status of the iPod in the old fruit fans, even though which was stopped now …

Recently, a foreign designer, Joyce Kang, is a concept of Apple's defensive design on Behance's production platform, which represents the memories of the iPod. At this time this product is only a 3D image on the website, and is still in the concept design. Level, but I believe that similar results should appear sooner.

Its name is "Pod Case". You can insert the Apple Watch corpse in an iPod-like cover with its opening; digital fence on the side and a hole in the base of the strap.

However, it's not a simple defensive design in the design of the Pod Case, so if you want to use it to listen to music, I'm afraid it's best to fund a co-financing set of AirPod; he is the classically circular boy on his & her; bottom but decoration, it has no effect.

Because Apple Watch does not have any means to connect to any boundaries, it can only be done with the interface without hitting wire behind, and Pod Case also opens a hole for its & # 39; body:

Although it is only for decorative purposes, it is not possible to tie a pair of telephone calls, but many people can make such a memorable design. Should many people be interested? I hope this material will be done quickly.

Apple Watch is one of Apple 's most recent product lines. This hard screen has embedded designer minds. Previously, designers designed a set of Macintosh foundations for Apple Watch, and many people also welcomed them. The materials were officially produced and sold:

The Pod Case is designed in three colors, but I believe that everyone is still in a position; enjoy classic classics:

Currently, Pod Case works only designed by a photographer. There is no reference to fundraising or productivity. Even after her & # 39; In this case, Apple Watch can not put it on the hand to see the warning, its heart can not run. He even listens to music specifically relevant to AirPods, but he's a memory, and he also thinks good about Behance; if you are Would you like to buy?

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