Futsal Deaf Competition As Pacific Pacific – Chutinan celebrates the World Cup for men and women.


Futsal deaf

Futsal Deaf A Wales Thailand received a flag for holding its competition on 16-24 February at Huamark Indoor Park on its " "Big Bang" Chutinan Bhirombhakdi, the Paralympic president. – Female

Futsal deaf The 3rd Pacific Pacific Championship held its news release on 11 February at the 4th floor of the Chamber Room, the Chalermphrakiat Building, the 7th anniversary of the Thailand Sports Authority (SAT). Mr Chutinan Bhirombhakdi Chairman of the Paralympic Committee of Thailand, Mrs. Rungtiwa Rodpo Thong The Head of Sports Development Department is superb, Dr. Mandate Yodbangtoeyphon Chair of the Fellowship committee committee with the Thai Futsal Athlete trainer hosting the news conference

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Mr Chutinan He said: "This is a competition in this competition of the International Deaf (International Deaf) Football Federation, the International Circuit for Disability Disability (ICSD) AP, Thailand Sports Authority and the Sports Association Ears of the disabled air Thailand I would like to thank all the leaders that have worked with the best possible ability to prepare for different areas. In order to be "

"As Chair of the Paralympic Committee of Thailand We have supported The unfaithful athletes have always been happy He is happy and proud to see Paralympic athletes who attend In the past, it was thought to have been an international reputation. For Thailand The male team has become the world's second marriages, and the team of women is the world's leading team. "

"This time we are hosting to us The 3rd Depression Welsh Deaf Welsh Cyber ​​Championship has been chosen to compete in the Swiss World Cup. At the end of this year I am confident that the Thai team is Deaf He represents Asia to the World Cup for women's and female teams, not just about sports. I also hope this competition will help people with hearing disabilities in Thailand. Get more social from land and international people. "

For the deaf wedding The 3rd American-Pacific Championship will be held on 15 February at the Alexander Hotel at 17.00. With 10 male teams and 5 female teams on 16-24 February. At Indore Park, Huamark chose the 4 main teams of women and women, representing Asian mainland, and # 39; Competition in World Championship In Switzerland

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