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By including sub-screen detectors to convert equipment even with four cameras; Clone phone makers are working today to offer the most exciting and most exciting options for users that allow them to influence them and their. market management.

On 7 November, during its SDC 2018 developer, South Choir company Samsung was the first step in which to reach a new generation of devices by sending it up to date. show details of Infinity Flex Display, The technology that establishes a foundation for creating your flexible screens.

Fold the screen

Think of a machine with a screen size screen that you can hear, at any time and as often as you want, enter it in the & # 39; your pocket and download it without any disruption. Without the concept behind Infinity Flex Display, Samsung technology allows you to create a flexible screen.

A measure of 7.3 inches will be open in full and will provide tablet activities, with the ability to interact with up to three bids at the same time. But Once it is double, it will be a more complete and easy to load faster, and the interface will be changed so that you can continue to change it; browsing.

A new, innovative Samsung polymer has been used as a screen protection screen so it can get flexible without problems.

Samsung Flex Infinity Display

The AMOLED display is 7.3 inches with Extended Infinity Flex Display and when it starts to stay a smaller phone.


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The debate about the three-up to four cameras

The camera is one of the things most users have; paying them attention when they are buying phone. The businesses have made a decision to separate the bilingual cameras and increase the number on the back.

Huawei's name The first one went to phone with three cameras in the p20 Pro, and went to Mate 20, which was launched last October in London. Samsung decided to get out of it, and add four steps in her Galaxy A9.

However, many think if it's a? Help you to add as much camera on one device. Each jump has a specific function that the user will complete more efforts, so the proposal makes practical sense and good results. The telephoto is, for example, which provides a chance to find a procedure without going to # 39; loss of quality, and the spacious area is suitable for photography of landscapes.

Samsung Galaxy A9

Samsung Galaxy A9 has four back cameras. The main one with a 2x flexible zoom, another with a wide-lensed lens, another one with artificial information and a quarter with a deep lens.

Large screens and AI

At the launch launch in London, Huawei showed a 20-x-old device compared to the Nintendo Switch mobile console.
With an Oled 7.2-inch screen, the device is suitable for video game fans that look great and handsome and not. Losing the technical features that are necessary to support their work.

The big screen, of course, is a move that enables them to grow, as well as the new innovations in artificial knowledge (AI), which enable them to grow; situation: The actions are faster and more personalized, that the imagery is made interesting to make automatic adjustments of the situations when a picture is taken, and that translation is in a real time some of the opportunities are offered today and surely this will be improved in the years ahead

Huawei Mate 20 x

The 20-Mate Mate wants to be a phablet for gamers & # 39; China Huawei company.

Hologic panel?

There is already a screen suggestion where you can view 3D content without using glasses. It is the recommendation Red Hydrogen One, the first phone in the world with a hologic panel created by the Red company (known for cameras).

The company will have a & # 39; make use of technology, known as LitByLeia, which allows the best content design in & # 39; four scenes (4-perspective in English). Users are able to influence flares, for example, in 3D knowledge or see appliances such as skin, wood and metal surfaces much more rigorous and closer, according to their company.

By phone, with a 5.7-inch panel, you can see the two images in holographic scenes and in a general 2D format, with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440. The company says that both modes can change easily and without a clear explanation.

One of the improvements that may bring more progress may be the hologic technology.

Red Hydrogen One

The Hydrogen One Network is the world's first phone with a hologic screen created by the Red company (known for cameras).

Powerful processors

The A12 Bionic is the brain of the latest generation of the iPhone. Apple has proven a new level of information when using platform networks that allow them, Through learning tools, recognizing patterns, making predicting and learning from user knowledge.

There is an electrical electric engine with 8 inches of architecture, which means that it is possible to make 5 billion work each other. The A12 Bionic includes a six-core CPU and a quad-core GPU, which is a. means more efficiency (up to 50 per cent more in energy use), power and speed.

The changes will improve graphical performance in the games, in the video editing and apps with great graphic demand. The A12 Bionic is the XS, XS Max and XR process, which is also 100% of recycled aluminum.

IPhone Xs

The iPhone XS, XS Max and XR from Apple bet on artificial information with automatic learning to identify patterns, predict and learn from the knowledge of users.


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